Apple Black Friday Deals at Target

Last night we stood in a line for 5 hours for a new iPhone 6S. We were already planning on buying it and saw that if we bought it at Target we would receive a $250 Target gift card. We ended up standing in line longer than we hoped but with only one register for cell phone sales and slow responses from cell phone carriers we where there until about 3:00am. We got an iPhone 6S 64GB in space grey. I also got offered 10% off an Apple Watch at the end of the sale. They are having a lot more promotions on Apple products that run through Saturday, November 28th, 2015. Check them out here: [Read more…]

14 Different iPad Cases for Only $3.75 Each From AT&T

This is a killer deal. The only reason I can think as to why they are doing this is that they don’t sell 1st Gen iPads anymore so they just need to get rid of these cases. There are 14 different choices including the OtterBox Defender case for only $3.75 each with Free Priority Shipping (2-day). To get the awesome deal you must click the link provide on this Deals Plus page to get the additional 25%. Each case is $5.00 but with the discount they are $3.75. You can either fill up your cart first, or click the discount first. Just don’t forget! [Read more…]

iGarageSale – Find Garage Sales Near You

iGarageSale is the perfect companion to any garage saler… expert or novice! I have found it to be a “must have” for scoping out garage sales! It is extremely user friendly and has a ton of great features that make garage saleing a breeze.

One of my favorite features of the application is that it immediately opens to a map of all the garage sales surroundings your current location. Sooooo helpful! I also really like that you can search for specific items you would like to find at a garage sale. So, if you are looking for Legos, you can search for Legos and it will display all the garage sales that have that key word in their description. The garage sales are pulled from craigslist which allows the ability to search the garage sale’s listing for keywords. Very cool. iGarageSale is everything I want in a garage sale application… in an easy-to-use interface. Guess it doesn’t get much better than that.
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FX Photo Studio HD – On Sale Today for $0.99

Normally this app is $4.99, but today (03-16-11) it’s on sale for just $0.99. It currently has 181 effects and filters and has some tools like rotate and crop. You can also combine effects for even more vacations. Some of the better known effects include Sepia, TiltShift, Posterize, Blur and the list goes on and on. I also like the many options you have in sharing your photos. Not only can you save it to your iPad but you can share it via Flickr, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter or email. Check out the screenshots and video below and make sure to grab it quick before the sale ends. [Read more…]

RadioShack Selling iPhones for $50 Off

I’ve seen lots of news that RadioShack was selling iPhones for $50 less than the normal pricing. This includes the 16GB iPhone 4 for $150, the 32GB iPhone 4 for $249 and the 8GB iPhone 3GS for $49. I thought it might only be for a new line of service but I thought I’d give it a shot. Brooke still has my old 3GS and never has had the new model because she just always gets my old phone. So, I thought this would be a great Christmas present. I know, typical guy getting his wife technology for Christmas…  [Read more…]

Cyber Monday Sale at – 10% Off Accessories

Apple is having another sale, this time it’s 10% off of select accessories. Here are accessories that are on sale for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Beats by Dr. Dre Solo HD Headphones – $179.95
Beats by Dr. Dre Beatbox – $359.95
Michael Kors iPad Case – $116.95
Michael Kors Wallet Clutch – $71.95
Cole Haan Zip Wallet – $116.95
Twelve South Compass Portable Stand for iPad – $35.95
Kenneth Cole Messenger Bag – $116.95
Kate Spade Notebook Carrying Case – $404.95
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Huge Sale on EA Games for iPhone and iPad

eamobile EA Games is having a sale on a lot of their games right now. The sale ends soon so get them right away!

YAHTZEE™ Adventures – $0.99

[App Store Link]
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EAMobile App Sale Ends Today!

##ICON_NAME## For those of you who did not know, EAMobile is having a sale on some of it’s most popular titles however, the sale ends today. Some of the apps on sale include Spore ($0.99), Scrabble ($2.99), Monopoly ($2.99), Life ($1.99), Madden NFL 10 ($4.99), American Idol ($0.99), Snood ($0.99), Battleship ($1.99)… and more. For a full list of the apps on sale, check out their website.


Gameloft Joins in the Holiday Spirit of Game Sales – 7 Games on Sale

##ICON_NAME## It seems that Gameloft has also decided to jump on the “Christmas Game Sale” bandwagon and has put seven of their games on sale until December 22nd. Below is the list of games and their prices.

Shrek Kart – $0.99 (down from $4.99)
Brain Challenge – $0.99 (down from $4.99)
Castle Frenzy – $0.99 (down from $1.99)
Terminator Salvation: The Official Game – $0.99 (down from $2.99)
Real Tennis 2009 – $0.99 (down from $4.99)
Castle of Magic – $0.99 (down from $1.99)
Real Soccer 2010 – $0.99 (down from $4.99)

EA Mobile – 25 Games ‘Til Xmas Sale

##ICON_NAME## EA Mobile is having a 25 Games ‘Til Xmas Sale in which they will have one game on sale every day until Christmas. Yesterday, Trivial Pursuit was on sale for $1.99 (down from $4.99). Today, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® BY EA SPORTS™ is on sale for $2.99 (down from $4.99). We will keep you posted on the daily sales.

Tiger Woods PGA TOUR®
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Black Friday iPhone App Sale

App StoreAlong with all the sales today, developers are also putting apps on sale. Here’s a list of some of the better deals I’ve found. Again, if you find any others, let us know in the comments.


PING!Ping! which used to be free and then recently raised their price to $0.99 is now free again for Black Friday. Ping is an instant messeger app with push notifications. You can only talk from Ping! to Ping! app but if you’re looking to save on text messaging this is a great app. A recently new feature is the ability to send picture. This feature is an in app purchase upgrade of $0.99. iTunes Link

TomTomHonestly, even with the sale price, I still think the TomTom app is way over priced, but if you’ve been waiting for it to go on sale and $69.99 is a good deal to you, then today’s your day. Personally I’m looking for a price more like $29.99. This is pricing for the US and Canada version. Original price is $99.99. Price good through Monday, November 30th. iTunes Link

ColorTiltColorTilt, a popular finger painting program, is on sale for $0.99 along with all five of their apps. These include ColorTouch, Dotty Shapes, Hold On! and Serpents all for $0.99. iTunes Link

readdledocsReaddle has announced Black Friday sale for their popular iPhone products Scanner Pro, application that transforms the device into portable scanner, ReaddleDocs, document and file management solution for the iPhone, and several others. They are offering discount up to 40% off regular prices for the applications that will last until Saturday, Nov 28th. iTunes Link
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Refurbished iPhone 3GS – $49 at AT&T

AT&TAT&T has refurbished 16GB iPhone 3GSs on sale today for only $49! It also includes free overnight shipping and free activation! Just visit to buy online. Remember, requires purchase of a $30 a month data service, 2 year contract & new activation required. Available in black and white.


Apple Discounts Confirmed for Black Friday

AppleAt the time of writing this article, Apple has still not posted special pricing in the US store but they have in the UK. Here’s a few screenshots of the sales. Apple may wait until the entire US is in Friday before changing their site. In the UK, discounts are small but include iMacs, Macbook Pros, iPod Nanos, the iPod touch, Apple TVs and a whole bunch of accessories.



So are you going out in the crowd? Buying any Apple stuff?

Rock Band On Sale – $6.99

Available In: App Store       Price: $6.99  

##ICON_NAME## Just a week and a half after it’s initial release, Rock Band is on sale. The popular game is on sale for $6.99 this week-end only. So, if the $9.99 launch price was a little steep for you, you could always pick it up while it is 30% off.

Rock Band
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Application Sale; Aqua Globs – $0.99, Enigmo 2 – $2.99

##ICON_NAME## Aqua Globs is currently on sale for $0.99. Down from it’s original price of $1.99. The app will remain on sale until the next update is released. Once the update is released it will go back up to the original price.

“Qwiboo proudly presents Aqua Globs – a fun, bewitchingly addictive game! Very easy to get into with the main aim to gain points by joining cute wiggly globs. Touch and drag to navigate them and join them together. But watch out! Blue & orange globs don’t like each other, and you only have three lives!

Will you be able to handle the gaining speed as time goes on? Before you know it, the globs are coming from every angle! Keep your cool to navigate the little foolish creatures! Aqua Globs is an entertainingly strategic game where agility and quick thinking are essential. Guaranteed you won’t be able to put down this tantalizingly exciting game that will always having you wanting ‘just one more go’!”

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