iGarageSale – Find Garage Sales Near You

iGarageSale is the perfect companion to any garage saler… expert or novice! I have found it to be a “must have” for scoping out garage sales! It is extremely user friendly and has a ton of great features that make garage saleing a breeze.

One of my favorite features of the application is that it immediately opens to a map of all the garage sales surroundings your current location. Sooooo helpful! I also really like that you can search for specific items you would like to find at a garage sale. So, if you are looking for Legos, you can search for Legos and it will display all the garage sales that have that key word in their description. The garage sales are pulled from craigslist which allows the ability to search the garage sale’s listing for keywords. Very cool. iGarageSale is everything I want in a garage sale application… in an easy-to-use interface. Guess it doesn’t get much better than that.
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RedLaser – Scan Barcodes and Get Realtime Prices

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

RedLaser RedLaser is an application that scans the barcode of a product and then searches for that product and it’s prices.

When you open the app, you can begin by scanning an item. To do so just select the lighting icon on the lower menu bar which will open a screen where you can scan the barcode. You will need to line up the edges of the bar code within the arrows… the bar code needs to be upright. Once the edges are lined up, the arrows will turn green. Hold it still a split second longer (after the arrows are green) and it will automatically scan the barcode. It can be a little tricky at first but, after a few tries you will have it down. You can also manually take a picture of the bar code using the Camera button. [Read more…]

WhatIP 1.0.0-1

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WhatIP I am sooo glad that we finally have an application like this for firmware 2.0!! WhatIP is a simple application that displays your local IP address. When you tap on the application icon, the app will find your IP address and display it in the middle of the screen. There is also a refresh option in the upper right hand corner. One of these types of apps is a must have on my iPhone! It is so much easier to just open an application and get your IP address then to go into your Settings, select WiFi, wait for it to find all the available WiFi connections, select the WiFi you are connected to, wait for it to load all the info and then finally get your IP address! If you do a lot of SSHing into your iPhone, [Read more…]

OneTap Movies

Available In: App Store       Price: $1.99  

OneTap Movies OneTap Movies is an application that allows you to look up theaters in your area, view the movies that are available in those theaters, watch a movie trailers, get a descriptions of movies and a lot more. OneTap Movies is the upgraded version of the free app, Showtimes. When you open OneTap Movies you will get a pop-up asking if OneTapp can use your current locations. Once the application has finished finding your current location, you will get a list of theaters that are near you…starting with the theater closest to you. You are able to see the Name of the theater, it’s address, how far it is from your current location and the ability to map the theater (this will map directions to the theater from your current location using Google Maps). When you select a theater, it will drop down a list of all the movies that are playing in that theater…just tap the theater again to shrink the list.

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Movies.app 1.0

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

Movies.app Movies.app is a comprehensive movie searching application giving you Theaters in your area, movies that are in those theaters, trailers of movies, maps to the theaters, Box Office info about movies and even movies that are Opening Soon. When you open the application, you will come to the main lookup screen. Here you can enter a Zip code (there is not a locate me features yet but the developer says it will be in the next update), choose if you would like to lookup movies for today, tomorrow or the next day and whether you want to view results based on movies or theater. To get rid of the keyboard after you have entered your zip code, swipe your finger upward on the screen.

If you decide to search by Movie, you will get a list of all the available movies playing in your area. When you select a movie [Read more…]


Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

BoxOffice BoxOffice is an application that allows you to search for theaters and movies available in those theaters based on location. When you open the application you will get a blank screen and a lower menu bar with the options; Movies, Theaters and Setting. The first place you will want to go is into the Settings. Here you can either enter a zip code or select the locate icon in the upper left corner and the app will find your current location. You can then choose the radius in which you would like the application to search. The radius options start at 5 miles and go in increments of five up to a 50 mile radius. You can also learn more about the application by selecting the About option. Once you have entered everything into the Settings, you can then choose either the Movies or Theaters option.

If you select the Movies options, you will get a list of current movie that are playing in the theaters near you. You can sort the movies by Title or Rating. When you select a movie you will get the movie’s page which gives a [Read more…]

RepoName 1.2

RepoName The only visual change with version 1.2 of RepoName is a new icon. You can get RepoName via the BigBoss source.

RepoName 1.1b

RepoName There have been a few changes to RepoName since the last time I did a review of it. The splash screen has changed so that it no longer says Dav Team (because I guess they no longer exist). The UI of the application has also changed slightly…the search bar has been moved to the top of the screen and the enter button goes all the way across the bottom of the screen. The application now contains over 600 applications in it’s database. However, [Read more…]