OneTap Movies

Available In: App Store       Price: $1.99  

OneTap Movies OneTap Movies is an application that allows you to look up theaters in your area, view the movies that are available in those theaters, watch a movie trailers, get a descriptions of movies and a lot more. OneTap Movies is the upgraded version of the free app, Showtimes. When you open OneTap Movies you will get a pop-up asking if OneTapp can use your current locations. Once the application has finished finding your current location, you will get a list of theaters that are near you…starting with the theater closest to you. You are able to see the Name of the theater, it’s address, how far it is from your current location and the ability to map the theater (this will map directions to the theater from your current location using Google Maps). When you select a theater, it will drop down a list of all the movies that are playing in that theater…just tap the theater again to shrink the list.

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