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OneTap Movies OneTap Movies is an application that allows you to look up theaters in your area, view the movies that are available in those theaters, watch a movie trailers, get a descriptions of movies and a lot more. OneTap Movies is the upgraded version of the free app, Showtimes. When you open OneTap Movies you will get a pop-up asking if OneTapp can use your current locations. Once the application has finished finding your current location, you will get a list of theaters that are near you…starting with the theater closest to you. You are able to see the Name of the theater, it’s address, how far it is from your current location and the ability to map the theater (this will map directions to the theater from your current location using Google Maps). When you select a theater, it will drop down a list of all the movies that are playing in that theater…just tap the theater again to shrink the list.

In the list of movies, you are able to see the title of the movie, it’s rating out of five stars, what the movie is rated, the length of the movie, the times it is showing in that theater and a quick link to play the trailer (the play icon on the image). If you select a movie you will get even more information about the movie including; the movie title, a short description of the movie, what the movie is rated, the option to play a trailer, the date it was released, the length of the movie, the genre, the cast of the movie and a longer description of the movie. If you select the play button to watch the trailer, it will open the movie in a video player screen. To get back to the application you can select the Done option in the upper left corner of the screen while the movie is playing.

Back on the list of theaters, you can also change the day in which you are searching for movie times. The application defaults to Today but, you can change it using the arrows next to Today on the upper menu bar. You are able to search out as far as a week from today. If you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the theaters list there is an i icon. When selected you are given basic information about the application and the option to view the application’s website (which basically is the same information that is in the application).

There is also a lower menu bar with the options; Theaters, Popular, Rating, Newest and Location. OneTap Movies defaults to the Theaters search however, you can change the search to be based on the movie’s popularity, the movie’s rating (out of five stars) and based on when the movie was released. You get all the same information about the movie, just a different search format. The Location option allows you to change the location you would like the search based on. You are given the ability to enter a zip code, set a location as the default location and change the default location.

Personally, this is my choice of application for searching theaters and movies. It has a great user interface, it gives me all the information I want in one place and it is only $1.99. However, there are other great alternatives that are Free (Showtimes, BoxOffice and

Click here to download OneTap Movies via the App Store.

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  1. Heu… Thanks Brooke for your work but just asking…

    Why review 4 apps in a row, all in the apps store, that does almost the same thing ?

    • because how else will we know what to chose? I don’t want to try every free app and pay app. I’d much rather read 4 reviews that talk about each one and compare them then install all 4. Brooke is doing the “hard work” for me. That is why i come to this website.

  2. Yes, I said the same thing. Why don’t we just review the free one, because who would honestly pay a dime when you could pick between three free apps and a 2 dollar app. Honestly what fool was out of their mind expecting someone to pay for that. Didn’t the developer see it coming, that there would be so many of the same common things. Same with the weather, you have 5 pay apps, and then a bunch of them are free. I think we all should of seen this coming.

    • I would be that fool because I tried all free movie apps and they all suck in one thing or another.. and $2 is not much for an app.
      Thanks brooke, I’ll be buying this app as soon as I finish this writing

  3. I think reviewing all the movie apps is good, but it might be nice to review them together and against each other. I read all 4, and I like Brooke’s conclusion about this paid one. It seems this is the only app where all the information is there right away. Sure, if $2 is too much to spend for this convenience, then you have free choices, but I don’t mind paying $2 for someone that did a better job than the rest. You can’t even buy a coffee with $2 – but I an thank a developer.

    • yup even I read the conclusions and this and seems to be good. Thanks Brooke for doing the reviews of these type of apps; now I can get the better one :)

  4. Sorry guys, I have to do the full reviews of the apps seperately. That way thy can be searched for the correctly on the site.

  5. Thanks Brooke…..your reviews are ALWAYS APPRECIATED. I also appreciate you doing the paid apps sooner than the FREE apps as anyone can download and test a free app, but not everyone wants to pay for an app to test it out.


  6. I just paid $2 for this app with high hopes, and it doesn’t even have my local theater in it’s memory… (99701)

    • Update: Just started working out of nowhere.

    • Great to hear. I felt really bad, glad you got it to work. Anyone successfully got a refund for a bad app yet?

    • Nick, the app doesn’t have all the theaters’ information loaded in the app. It receives a data feed from all the theaters with their information in it. When a theater disappears from your list, it is more than likely due to the theater not sending the data feed. It’s not the app’s fault; it’s the theaters missing their data feed.

  7. Moviecouple says

    Really like this app, but when I first open it… it always goes into Maps for a second or two and then the actual Onetap opens up. Does this happen to other people?

  8. Moviecouple says

    OK. Kinda weird. You’d think it would actually open up first into the program itself… but as long as it works I am happy.

  9. I open the app, and it asks if I want to use my location. I choose yes, and it loads for a long time, then it stops with no movies or anything. When I go to the location, it says it’s Culebra, PR when I live in Iowa. When I tried typing in my zip code, it loaded with no results again. Any ideas? I’m using an iPod Touch if that helps at all…

    • Try emailing their OneTap Movies support. They’re pretty good at getting back to you quick and fixing the problem.

  10. In regards to this comment: “I open the app, and it asks if I want to use my location. I choose yes, and it loads for a long time, then it stops with no movies or anything. When I go to the location, it says it’s Culebra, PR when I live in Iowa. When I tried typing in my zip code, it loaded with no results again. Any ideas? I’m using an iPod Touch if that helps at all”

    I represent OneTap Movies and we’ve tried to replicate Gabe’s bug, but haven’t been able to. Please email support ( at ) so that we can troubleshoot with you over the phone more.

    If this helps, there is a button labeled as “Make Default” under Location settings that will set a default location. This is very beneficial, especially for iPod Touch users.