Available In: App Store       Price: Free is a comprehensive movie searching application giving you Theaters in your area, movies that are in those theaters, trailers of movies, maps to the theaters, Box Office info about movies and even movies that are Opening Soon. When you open the application, you will come to the main lookup screen. Here you can enter a Zip code (there is not a locate me features yet but the developer says it will be in the next update), choose if you would like to lookup movies for today, tomorrow or the next day and whether you want to view results based on movies or theater. To get rid of the keyboard after you have entered your zip code, swipe your finger upward on the screen.

If you decide to search by Movie, you will get a list of all the available movies playing in your area. When you select a movie it will then display a list of theaters that are playing that movie. Once you have selected a theater, you will get a ton of movie such as; the name of the movie, it’s length, the genre it is in, a star rating (out of five stars), what the movie is rated, the ability to watch a trailer of the movie and the ability to view the movie in the IMDb website. You will also get information about the theater including; the theater name, the times the movie is showing in that theater, the ability to buy tickets using and the ability to see the theater in Google maps. If you choose to watch the movie trailer, it is will open the trailer in a video player screen. If you would like to get back to the application just select the Done button in the upper left corner of the video when it is playing. Back on the Lookup page, if you search by theater, you will get all the same information it just starts with a list of theaters near you and then the movies in those theaters (instead of searching for movies and then the theaters that movie is in).

The BoxOffice option on the lowers menu bar will give you Box Office information about each movie including a description of the movie and how much money the movie has made so far in the box office. The movies are in order based on how much they have made, starting with the movie that has made the most money in the Box Office.

The Opening Soon option will bring up a list of movies that not not yet in theater. You can sort the list by Wide release (they will be release is a lot of theaters), Limited release (they will only be released in select theaters) or Both Wide and Limited release. In the list you will get the movies title, a description of the movie and when it will be released.

The About option will give you more some basic info about the app. Overall, this a pretty decent application especially for being free. I love that you can watch trailers of the movie…that is huge. The only thing I don’t like is that I have to go into Box Office option to get a description of the movie. I would rather see the description of the movie when I search for it, that way I can decide whether or not I want to watch the trailer. But, other than that…it is a great application with a ton of great features.

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  1. Some 2.0 firmware questions:

    1. Just wanted to ask, does the 2.0 firmware have option do delete individual SMS and Call History ?

    2. Will we get weTool on AppStore ? (If 2.0 firmware cant to that)

  2. hi could u plz write the source of this application too thanks a lot
    i have 1.1.4


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