RedLaser Updated (App Store Version)

Available In: App Store Price: $1.99

##ICON_NAME## RedLaser (an application that scans the barcode of a product and then searches online for that product and it’s prices) is not a new application it has been in both the App Store and the jailbreak community for a while now however, the App Store version of the application recently received an update. The update was in review for quite some time and finally made it through the approval process. Version 2.2.0 of the app drastically improves RedLaster’s performance making it as good as the jailbroke version! Actually, with a few of the new features, I would say it is now better than the jailbroke version of the app.
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RedLaser – Scan Barcodes and Get Realtime Prices

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

RedLaser RedLaser is an application that scans the barcode of a product and then searches for that product and it’s prices.

When you open the app, you can begin by scanning an item. To do so just select the lighting icon on the lower menu bar which will open a screen where you can scan the barcode. You will need to line up the edges of the bar code within the arrows… the bar code needs to be upright. Once the edges are lined up, the arrows will turn green. Hold it still a split second longer (after the arrows are green) and it will automatically scan the barcode. It can be a little tricky at first but, after a few tries you will have it down. You can also manually take a picture of the bar code using the Camera button. [Read more…]