WhatIP 1.0.0-1

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WhatIP I am sooo glad that we finally have an application like this for firmware 2.0!! WhatIP is a simple application that displays your local IP address. When you tap on the application icon, the app will find your IP address and display it in the middle of the screen. There is also a refresh option in the upper right hand corner. One of these types of apps is a must have on my iPhone! It is so much easier to just open an application and get your IP address then to go into your Settings, select WiFi, wait for it to find all the available WiFi connections, select the WiFi you are connected to, wait for it to load all the info and then finally get your IP address! If you do a lot of SSHing into your iPhone, [Read more…]

iDynDNS 1.0-1

iDynDNSWhen this app came out Brooke asked me right away, what’s dyndns. I said, “I should probably do this review.” :) DynDNS is a website that provides a lot of services. The service I use from them and also the service linked with this app is the ability to make a domain name point to a IP address that isn’t always the same. For example, my home internet is a DSL connection. The IP address changes every once in a while and if I want to remote desktop into it from somewhere else I’d have to know the IP address. With DynDNS and iDynDNS you can create a unique name that you’ll remember and it will point you to your iPhone.

First I went to dyndns.org to create an account. You’ll want to go to this page to get started: https://www.dyndns.com/services/dns/dyndns/. Once you set up an account you’ll want to enter in your info. For the host name type something you’ll remember and pick a domain from the drop down. This whole thing will now be your link to your iPhone’s IP instead of a number. So like myiphone.homeip.net instead of Pick “Host with IP” then enter your iPhone’s current IP address. This should show up at the bottom of the iDynDNS app. [Read more…]

iCall VoIP on the iPhone

iCall is a VoIP company that is bringing their product to the iPhone. It has not been released yet but, it says that it will be available soon. Below are a few of the features it will offer and a demo video.

1. Make and receive calls over WiFi
2. Transfer inbound calls from a regular cell call to WiFi instantly and seamlessly – save your expensive minutes
3. Access your same address book
4. Customize your voicemail options
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sipgate – VoIP Client

sipgate sipgate is an application that allows you to make calls, when on WiFi, using voice over IP. To sign-up for the free account, you will need to go to sipgate.com and select the Free Download button. This will bring you to a page where you will need to enter some info. Once you have done that, you will get an email with your sipgate number and password. Now, you can go into Installer and install the sipgate application through the sipgate repository. If you would like to read their Terms of Service before you install it, you can see them HERE.

After you install the application and have it open for the first time, it will say authentication failed…this is because you have not configured your account yet. To do so, [Read more…]