iDynDNS 1.0-1

iDynDNSWhen this app came out Brooke asked me right away, what’s dyndns. I said, “I should probably do this review.” :) DynDNS is a website that provides a lot of services. The service I use from them and also the service linked with this app is the ability to make a domain name point to a IP address that isn’t always the same. For example, my home internet is a DSL connection. The IP address changes every once in a while and if I want to remote desktop into it from somewhere else I’d have to know the IP address. With DynDNS and iDynDNS you can create a unique name that you’ll remember and it will point you to your iPhone.

First I went to to create an account. You’ll want to go to this page to get started: Once you set up an account you’ll want to enter in your info. For the host name type something you’ll remember and pick a domain from the drop down. This whole thing will now be your link to your iPhone’s IP instead of a number. So like instead of Pick “Host with IP” then enter your iPhone’s current IP address. This should show up at the bottom of the iDynDNS app.

The annoying thing about this app is that if you’re on a wireless local network and your IP is a local address like starting with 192.168 it detects this address which won’t allow you to connect to the iPhone from another location. It needs the option to detect the outside IP address or the local IP address.

A really kewl feature is that it keeps a symbol up in the status bar when the app is running. There needs to be a feature to disable this in case you already have too many things up there.

I couldn’t get this to work when on Edge because it wouldn’t detect an IP address but it works great at home, which I think is the main purpose of this app. I can now set my SSH program to the domain name I chose and don’t have to worry about finding my IP address every time. This is worth installing if you use SSH a lot otherwise you probably don’t need it. iDynDNS is available through the ModMyiFone source.

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  1. Doug… you better fix Brooke’s name before you get a smack.

  2. If you ask me, iDynDNS is pretty useless at the moment. Since it can’t only get your local IP on a wifi network. Nor does it work over EDGE/GPRS.

    Of course, you can easily access your iphone via a domain name then, but that can be done a lot more easily, and without having to do some funky long domain name like or whatever.

    First simply set your iPhone to use a static IP address on your home wifi. Then modify the “/etc/hosts” file on your mac, or “C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts” on your windows pc, and add “ iphone” to the very bottom, save (and reboot if you’re a windows user). “” obviously being the static IP you set your iPhone to.

    Then just connect to “iphone” in your sftp client, or run “ssh iphone -l root” in the terminal on Mac OS X to connect to your iPhone.

    But anyway, I hope iDynDNS soon supports remote ip checking.

  3. I agree with the previous commenter (jimeh) that iDynDNS is pretty useless unless it works with the external IP address, however, his approach is very dated. Rather than start mucking with host file entries and static ip addresses, which requires more user intervention and management headaches, just do a DHCP reservation on your router/dhcp server, putting in the mac address of your iPhone. This way you’ll ALWAYS know what IP address you get, and SSHing in will be a snap.

    Just a suggestion….enjoy.

  4. I plan to use iDynDNS in combination with a VNC server for doing demos on my iPhone. I use VNC to connect to the iPhone from a laptop hooked up to a projector so that everyone can see the demo. Even if I am on someone else’s private network, I can connect using the same domain name every time. It’s easier than looking up the IP address the iPhone was assigned and typing in the numbers on the laptop each time.

    I agree that if you are always on the same network it’s probably easier to use a static IP or a DHCP reservation.

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