CardSnap – Converts Photo to Contact Info

Available In: App Store       Price: $9.99  

CardSnap I’m not a huge business card user. In fact, I carry a few of them mostly so I can throw them into a fishbowl in order to win a free lunch at a restaurant. However, I can imagine how useful it would be to have an application that would take business cards and effortlessly import their information into your contacts list. CardSnap attempts to address this by using a proprietary method similar to OCR but not really (or so says the app’s description).

Upon opening (and waiting for) CardSnap, you are given the option to use the camera to snap a picture of the business card. You can also load photos from your camera roll or from your photo library. However, since the main selling point is to use this application in real time, I wanted to focus on the camera option. After taking a picture, you can move and scale your picture before deciding to upload to the servers at CardSnap. Once you’re satisfied with your business card’s readability (this may take some time with the iPhone’s pitiful camera), you submit the card, and wait for a response. Other options in the application include a menu to review your submitted cards, an info screen that offers a user’s guide, and a settings screen that allows you to use groups with your contacts. [Read more…]

iDynDNS 1.0-1

iDynDNSWhen this app came out Brooke asked me right away, what’s dyndns. I said, “I should probably do this review.” :) DynDNS is a website that provides a lot of services. The service I use from them and also the service linked with this app is the ability to make a domain name point to a IP address that isn’t always the same. For example, my home internet is a DSL connection. The IP address changes every once in a while and if I want to remote desktop into it from somewhere else I’d have to know the IP address. With DynDNS and iDynDNS you can create a unique name that you’ll remember and it will point you to your iPhone.

First I went to to create an account. You’ll want to go to this page to get started: Once you set up an account you’ll want to enter in your info. For the host name type something you’ll remember and pick a domain from the drop down. This whole thing will now be your link to your iPhone’s IP instead of a number. So like instead of Pick “Host with IP” then enter your iPhone’s current IP address. This should show up at the bottom of the iDynDNS app. [Read more…]