iProtect – Security Application for the iPhone and iPod Touch

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free and $8.99  

iProtect iProtect is a recently released security application for your iPhone or iPod Touch. It allows you to password protect applications, lock your SIM, disable the ability to move icons around on the SpringBoard, disable the application to delete application off the SprigBoard and the ability to disable the Home Button double-tap.

When you first open the application, you will need to enter a password and a security word. Once you are in the application, you can choose to lock All Applications, Unlock All Applications or choose to lock specific applications. You can lock both App Store and Cydia apps. [Read more…]

CardSnap – Converts Photo to Contact Info

Available In: App Store       Price: $9.99  

CardSnap I’m not a huge business card user. In fact, I carry a few of them mostly so I can throw them into a fishbowl in order to win a free lunch at a restaurant. However, I can imagine how useful it would be to have an application that would take business cards and effortlessly import their information into your contacts list. CardSnap attempts to address this by using a proprietary method similar to OCR but not really (or so says the app’s description).

Upon opening (and waiting for) CardSnap, you are given the option to use the camera to snap a picture of the business card. You can also load photos from your camera roll or from your photo library. However, since the main selling point is to use this application in real time, I wanted to focus on the camera option. After taking a picture, you can move and scale your picture before deciding to upload to the servers at CardSnap. Once you’re satisfied with your business card’s readability (this may take some time with the iPhone’s pitiful camera), you submit the card, and wait for a response. Other options in the application include a menu to review your submitted cards, an info screen that offers a user’s guide, and a settings screen that allows you to use groups with your contacts. [Read more…]

Big2 Poker – Card Game Similar to Big 2 or Cheat

Available In: App Store       Price: $2.99  

Big2 Poker I’ve never been much of a card game player. From time to time, I’ll break out the Bicycle decks for some Texas Hold’em at home with friends. On the computer, I’ll play Solitaire, maybe Hearts on occasion. I think I tried Bridge once, but that adventure ended quickly. However, one card game does come to mind that I often enjoyed. It was called “BS” in college and another version that I often played with my family was called “Rich Man, Poor Man”. Apparently, this game is referred to as “Big 2” in Asia, and the developers of “Big2Poker” claim that it is one of the more popular games overseas. Honestly, my first thought when seeing the name “Big 2 Poker”, was that this was just going to be another form of Texas Hold’em or another version of an online poker game. Thankfully, I was wrong. [Read more…]

iSim 1.08

iSIMiSIM is a backup program that will back up your address book to your SIM card. You can also import contacts from an old SIM card. You can even dial numbers right off the SIM card without moving them to your iPhone. I wanted to try this out and move a bunch of contacts from my iPhone to Brooke’s.

First I installed the app on both iPhones. The first thing I noticed was that I could only move one contact at a time to the SIM card. If you want to do more than one at a time you have to pay. It’s $12.95 USD/$9.95 EUR. This should be ok though because we just want to move a few specific contacts. I started tapping some contacts I wanted and it would pop up the Name and Phone Number of the contact and I selected “ok” to transfer to the SIM card. I tried it on a few that just had email address and it didn’t do anything. [Read more…]

PokerSolitarus 1.004

PokerSolitarus I do not see any visual changes in the update to version 1.004 of PokerSolitarus. So, I’m guessing the update fixed a few bugs and improved the game play. PokerSolitarus is available through the iSpazio source.

PokerSolitarus 1.004