iSim 1.08

iSIMiSIM is a backup program that will back up your address book to your SIM card. You can also import contacts from an old SIM card. You can even dial numbers right off the SIM card without moving them to your iPhone. I wanted to try this out and move a bunch of contacts from my iPhone to Brooke’s.

First I installed the app on both iPhones. The first thing I noticed was that I could only move one contact at a time to the SIM card. If you want to do more than one at a time you have to pay. It’s $12.95 USD/$9.95 EUR. This should be ok though because we just want to move a few specific contacts. I started tapping some contacts I wanted and it would pop up the Name and Phone Number of the contact and I selected “ok” to transfer to the SIM card. I tried it on a few that just had email address and it didn’t do anything. [Read more…]

PhotoDial 1.02

PhotoDial The only change with version 1.02 of PhotoDial is the addition of a CoverFlow mode in the Preferences. If you turn on CoverFlow mode, you can scroll through your contacts Cover Flow style (you can still just tap on the photo to call that Contact). The first time I used the Cover Flow option is was really glitchy but, the second time I tried it…it was fine! Doug wouldn’t let me try this version on his 1.1.3 because it messed up his iPhone soo bad last time (he is finally breaking down and restoring it right now! :( ). So, [Read more…]

PhotoDial 1.01

PhotoDial Version 1.01 of PhotoDial fixed a bug that used to make the app crash if you opened it and you didn’t have any photos assigned to your Contacts. However, the update DOES NOT fix the issue that makes it incompatible with version 1.1.3. When I tested this version(1.01) on a 1.1.3 iPhone…it still crashed…and if your 1.1.3 acts anything like the one I tested it on it will SERIOUSLY mess up your iPhone…including all the things mentioned in my previous post about this app and a few more like [Read more…]

PhotoDial 1.0

PhotoDial A new app PhotoDial is available through the Makayama Software source. This app allows you to call someone by selecting their photo…in order to use this app you will have to have photos added to your Contacts. PhotoDial opens to thumbnails of all your contact’s photos (and for the life of me I cannot figure out any order they are in…definately not alphabetical). To scroll through your contact’s photos just swipe you finger on the screen…you will notice that there are the infamous “white dots” at the bottom so you can tell where you are in your contacts. You can also tap the plus button in the upper right corner to make the photos bigger and then scroll through them that way…just tap the minus button in the upper left corner to make them small again…hit the minus button again to display nine or sixteen photos at a time. Along the bottom menu you will see five options; [Read more…]

VoiceDial Video