iSim 1.08

iSIMiSIM is a backup program that will back up your address book to your SIM card. You can also import contacts from an old SIM card. You can even dial numbers right off the SIM card without moving them to your iPhone. I wanted to try this out and move a bunch of contacts from my iPhone to Brooke’s.

First I installed the app on both iPhones. The first thing I noticed was that I could only move one contact at a time to the SIM card. If you want to do more than one at a time you have to pay. It’s $12.95 USD/$9.95 EUR. This should be ok though because we just want to move a few specific contacts. I started tapping some contacts I wanted and it would pop up the Name and Phone Number of the contact and I selected “ok” to transfer to the SIM card. I tried it on a few that just had email address and it didn’t do anything.

I did about 10 to 15 contacts through the letter A and then exited the app. I moved my SIM card to Brooke’s iPhone and all worked fine. Her iPhone is unlocked, so it connected to AT&T just fine. Brooke’s iPhone saw all the contacts on the SIM card right away through iSIM. I copied them all to her iPhone one at a time… I also tested making a call from iSIM which worked perfectly. I closed iSIM and went to Brooke’s contacts to see how things went. Unfortunately it doesn’t work as well as I hoped. For AT&T it only copied the name and work phone number. It didn’t copy the billing number, the image, or the business name field. Here’s a screenshot from both iPhones:


It also didn’t transfer the web address, address, etc. Only the first Phone number and Name. I tried a contact that was already in Brooke’s iPhone and it didn’t make two copies. One thing to be aware of is when you first insert the SIM card you need to wait a few seconds for the iPhone to connect to the carrier before opening iSIM. I had it crash a few times when opening it too soon. So, for basic contact transfer it works well but don’t expect all information to transfer. iSIM is available through the Makayama Source.

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  1. It’s not iSim’s fault. I think the SIM card is only capable of holding one name and one number.

    • Thanks for that info, The iPhone is the first phone we’ve had that uses a SIM card so I didn’t know that.

    • This is correct. SIM cards only support Name and Phone values for a contact, and generally they’re limit is 200-250 contacts.

      Older phones which relied on the SIM to store contacts which had fancy features like groups and such, added a single special character at the end of contacts to indicate which contact group the contact belonged to. Of course the special character wasn’t displayed, unless you put the SIM into another phone which didn’t work the same way… lol

      iSIM is mainly usable for people who have a quite old phone and are storing they’re contacts on the SIM. Cause most phones in the past 4-5 years stores your contacts in they’re internal memory by default cause of the SIM’s limitations.

      Anyway, I’ve ranted way to much about this now… lol

  2. steve anderson says

    also if you get a call off any off the number you have transfered to phone using isim it does not know who caller is even though its in your contacts as say steve it will display the number and not steve

  3. SIMport does the same and is free

  4. i want isim

  5. Liberty For ALL! says

    Does this work on iPhone OS 3.x?!

  6. Liberty For ALL! says

    I just realized, under Mail Contacts and Calendars there is the option to import from SIM! This app is now obsolete for import…

  7. how do i get it on my jailbreak 3.0 2g iphone?

  8. Is ISIM sourcecode in Objective-C available to the comunity ?

    I’m working on an application development for non-jailbroken iPhones that need to get acces full to SIM card (Sending and receiving commands to the SIM Card, all kind of commands, not only to get access to the build-in phone book, but to all files stored in the SIM and all available commands in the GSM 09.11 standard).

    Would your company agree to licence me a piece of objective-c code allowing me to implement a full-access to SIM card commands in the iPhone ?

    Kind regards,

    Frederic JOUVIN.