THTouch 0.32e

THTouch The biggest change with the update to version 0.32e of THTouch, a Texas Hold’em application, is that the controls have been changed back to the way there were in previous versions of the application. They still look the same as in the version 0.32a however, you are now able to just swipe instead of holding down the controls and then selecting Ok. I know this is something a lot of you did not like in the previous version of this application. Also, the Deal button has been [Read more…]

THTouch 0.32

THTouch The update to THTouch makes a few visual changes to the application. The application has a new splash screen and intro screen. On the game play screen you will also notice that there is now a Deal button in the upper right corner. You no longer swipe to the left to deal. The help menu has changed as well. Instead of bringing up a over-lay when you select the ? icon, it now brings you to a new screen with more information. Another change is in the swipe controls. If you hold your finger on the screen, you will notice that the swipe menu has changed and it adapts to the options that are available to you. An upward swipe still allows you to Bet and Confirm a bet however, it will only display the relevant option. The swipe controls also move to where ever you press and hold your finger on the screen. The update also makes [Read more…]

THTouch 0.30j

THTouch The update to version 0.30j (I missed version 0.30b) of THTouch gives the app a whole new look! Everything from the icon, splashscreen, help menu, cards, chips, move over-lays, the actual play screen…have all been redesigned. The actual game play seems to be the same however, the look of the application has definitely changed! Check out the screenshots below…there is also a demo video showing the new changes as well (it does not have audio). THTouch is available through the ModMyiFone source.
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THTouch 0.28e & 0.29

THTouch We posted a demo video of THTouch of few weeks ago. Well, it is finally avialable in the Installer! THTouch is a Texas Hold’em application. The application opens to a splash screen, just tap to enter the game. On the game play screen, you will see 10 players. You are the play in the lower middle titled Player. If you tap and hold the ? icon in the lower right corner, you will get a nice help overlay showing which way to swipe to Deal, Call, Fold/Abort and Bet/Confirm. To begin, just swipe to the left. Once all the cards are dealt you will see your cards are face up and everyone to the right of you has played. You will see what they have played on top of their cards. If there is an F, they have folded…if there is a C, they have Called. You can then either [Read more…]

PokerSolitarus 1.005

PokerSolitarus This update has been out for a few days now however, every time I tried to update it I got the “Error, Package Download Failed.” Well, I tried it again today and it worked. There are no visual changes with the update to version 1.005 of PokerSolitarus. The only thing the update does is improve the French translation of the app. Other than that, it functions the same as the previous version. You can get PokerSolitarus through the iSpazio source.

PokerSolitarus 1.005

PokerSolitarus 1.004

PokerSolitarus I do not see any visual changes in the update to version 1.004 of PokerSolitarus. So, I’m guessing the update fixed a few bugs and improved the game play. PokerSolitarus is available through the iSpazio source.

PokerSolitarus 1.004

THTouch – Texas Hold’em

Below is a video demo of a Texas Hold’em application that is in development. It is not quite finished yet but, it looks like it is going to be a well developed application.

Watch “THTouch” on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

PokerSolitarus 1.001 & 1.002

PokerSolitarus The update to PokerSolitarus 1.001 adds four translations to the application. On the main play screen, you will notice four flags at the bottom. You can select a flag to change the language. The languages include, French, English, German and Spanish. Other than that, I do not see any visual changes to the application. PokerSolitarus is available through the iSpazio source.

Note: There has been a quick update to version 1.002 of PokerSolitarus. This version adds Latin to the list of available Languages.

PokerSolitarus 1.001 PokerSolitarus 1.001 pokersolitarus1002

PokerSolitarus 1.000

PokerSolitarus PokerSolitarus is a new poker application available through the iSpazio source. What is cool about this Poker application is that it animated. The buttons inside the application are constantly moving. When you open the application, you will get a screen with information about the app. Just tap the screen and you will be brought to the main play screen. You will then see the options BET and BET max. You can bet anywhere from 1-5 credits. Tap the Bet button for the amount of credits you want to bet. Tap once for one credit, twice for two credits…etc. If you select max bet, [Read more…]