PokerSolitarus 1.005

PokerSolitarus This update has been out for a few days now however, every time I tried to update it I got the “Error, Package Download Failed.” Well, I tried it again today and it worked. There are no visual changes with the update to version 1.005 of PokerSolitarus. The only thing the update does is improve the French translation of the app. Other than that, it functions the same as the previous version. You can get PokerSolitarus through the iSpazio source.

PokerSolitarus 1.005

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  1. is that a Texas Hold’em Poker game?

  2. No, it’s 5 card draw.

  3. ive been getting the error package download failed everyday for over a week for the buuf2 summerboard theme. does anyone know why?

    and is there a hold’em game? i hate 5 card draw…