THTouch – Texas Hold’em

Below is a video demo of a Texas Hold’em application that is in development. It is not quite finished yet but, it looks like it is going to be a well developed application.

Watch “THTouch” on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

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  1. Can’t wait XD. Is there any chance of using bluetooth to play 2 player? I know theres limitations to the bluetooth, is it a software blockage that apple put? meaning it can be cracked/overcome to be a bit more useful?

    Looks good though =]

  2. oh my, can’t wait too… 2 player mode could be a great option, for sure

  3. he should have raised on the flop

  4. salut comment on peux avoir ce jeux deTexas Hold’em apare du sdk pck jais windos vista

  5. 2 Player? Why not all 10?
    That would be awesome…play against 9 others via Edge or WIFI.

  6. First I would like to say I really love this app… secondly I’d like to say it still really needs a lot of work. I will download v0.29 tonight incase any of the issues I am bringing up have been fixed.
    After 5min of playing I discovered:
    a) In a hand where a player when all in with over 600 chips none of the other players where required to bet anything over the blinds, however when that player won their winnings nearly doubled their bet.
    b) In a hand where John Doe won with an Ace (spades) high and two pair on the table, I should have split the pot with him as I too had an Ace (clubs) high with 2 pair on the table, but I didn’t.
    c) I split a pot between 2 other players… and I had folded 2 hands before!!!

    I have found some other small errors and crashed too but these were the ones I wrote down. I’ll try the update tonight and see if anythig is running smoother.

    Again this is a GREAT app, it just needs a little bit of smoothing out. :)

  7. Oh… and for c) I didn’t even have winning cards.