THTouch 0.30j

THTouch The update to version 0.30j (I missed version 0.30b) of THTouch gives the app a whole new look! Everything from the icon, splashscreen, help menu, cards, chips, move over-lays, the actual play screen…have all been redesigned. The actual game play seems to be the same however, the look of the application has definitely changed! Check out the screenshots below…there is also a demo video showing the new changes as well (it does not have audio). THTouch is available through the ModMyiFone source.

Demo Video:

Watch “THTouch” on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

THTouch 0.30j THTouch 0.30j THTouch 0.30j THTouch 0.30j THTouch 0.30j THTouch 0.30j THTouch 0.30j THTouch 0.30j THTouch 0.30j

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  1. .30b came out a couple days ago…and is the version that incorporated all the changes listed. This version that was just released (.30j) is new as of today. Though I’m not really sure of the changes…maybe a source refresh?

    • i meant that you should refresh your sources not that the app had a source refresh…i wish i could edit comments

  2. 30j was hopefully a fix for the crashing issues.

  3. eromero0131 says

    The same thing is happening to me. I have just refreshed my sources and I still get the 0.3b version in Installer. When I try to download this version I get the “Error: Package Download Failed” message……any suggestions???

    • eromero0131 says

      To answer my own comment

      I deleted the modmyifone source….restarted my iphone…added the modmyifone source again and then I would see the 0.3j version and was able to download it…cheers!

  4. Blackjack for iPhone ?
    I really want that game….

  5. john larsson says

    Hi, I just can’t see the fun in this game although I love Texas Hold’Em.. For me it would be absolutely amazing if you were able to connect via WiFi and then challenge other “real” people.. Just waiting for this to come! By the way, do you think this is possible with the iPhone, becuase it can do a lot of stuff and this for me would not be impossible for developers to create… Appriciate all answers!!

    //John Larsson

    • Actually the opponents are decent to play against. They aren’t very predictable and they kick my butt most of the time.

    • I also have been very impressed with the AI of this game. I have been able to make my way to the last card, then I go all-in (with a bad hand), and make the opponents fold, therefore I get the pot.

      Also, I have been paying close attention to the AI’s decision-making. Why did this person bet 50 chips after seeing that card? They’re sometimes a bit obvious, and sometimes not (like real players)…

      So once, 3 Kings were showing (yeah, I know!) and all the computer players were simply ‘checking,’ and hardly betting anything. I assumed that none of them had the last king, then on the very last card, some dude bet a LOT, and it turns out he had a king – 4 of a kind! But he kept his cool til the last card, even though 3 kings showed after the flop… (I know, the cards were poorly shuffled). I was impressed.

      Hopefully this new version debugs the crashing/freezing problem. I have been playing the game quite a bit, and have YET to finish a whole game before it freezes/crashes.

    • Larsson – to answer your question, though, YES the iPhone is capable of such a game. I was at WWDC, and they demoed a game over the network. Although it was LAN, they said international games are possible over WiFi.

  6. Okay… I’ve been toying with it. HUGE, HUGE difference between .30b and .30j.

    Yes, the UI is the exact same, but it doesn’t crash/freeze anymore! I can actually finish games! NOW, this game is one of the best on the iPhone. Very addicting and fun. It was frustrating before, because you knew you wouldn’t be able to get through a whole game. Now my 3 favorite games on the iPhone: Scrabble, Trism, and TexasTouch (hoping that’s the new name – vote for it at ModMyiFone!).

  7. This new version debugs crash and support other languages…(with some traductions errors in the traduction). It adapt the language to the iPhone languages settings.

  8. also when you go all in with say 1000 chips and someone else goes all in with 900 chips, you should get your extra 100 chips back but it hasn’t incorporated that in yet… so with future updates, this game will be even better!

  9. Dragster says

    also a problem when I get a call and lose the game. very frustrating when you are down to the last 2…

  10. I’m thrilled that they finally fixed the “all-in” problem. (If you were not in on a hand and two opponents went all-in before the last card was dealt, it ALWAYS froze.) Thankfully the latest update has fixed that, and the graphics are improved. This is easily my favorite game for the Touch!

  11. Guys, I got this “Error: Package Download Failed” message for the last 3 days, and the problem is that I had to reboot my phone and I lost all the app, but I really want this game, I deleted the modmyifone source,restarted my iphone and added the modmyifone source again but it still doesnt work… any suggestions?

  12. stiil have a bug about: can’t speew after win rivere… can do bet and fold. but the game is amazing! :) keep it up!