THTouch 0.32

THTouch The update to THTouch makes a few visual changes to the application. The application has a new splash screen and intro screen. On the game play screen you will also notice that there is now a Deal button in the upper right corner. You no longer swipe to the left to deal. The help menu has changed as well. Instead of bringing up a over-lay when you select the ? icon, it now brings you to a new screen with more information. Another change is in the swipe controls. If you hold your finger on the screen, you will notice that the swipe menu has changed and it adapts to the options that are available to you. An upward swipe still allows you to Bet and Confirm a bet however, it will only display the relevant option. The swipe controls also move to where ever you press and hold your finger on the screen. The update also makes the game available in English, French, German, Hebrew and Russian. Overall, the game seems smooth and plays well. THTouch is available through the ModMyiFone source</a>.

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  1. The new swipe controls are awful!

    It was so fast before, now I have to hold then select my option… Also, checking (double-tap) doesn’t work anymore!!!

    Why would he change this? The swiping worked great. Much prefer swipe left to deal then press button in top right corner.

  2. I agree,
    it feels so messy now, in stead of being sleek

  3. I agree 2,
    why that change? I want 30j back!!

  4. I talked to the developer about this change. He said the swipe controls still work as they did before, this is just an added feature. To check, just double tap on your hand, it doesn’t work if you double tap elsewhere.

  5. To check.. dbl tap on your cards.
    Agrree with swipe controls being awful now though, MUUUCH better before. And whats the deal with having to hold your finger to get a menu before you can swipe…….

  6. hi,

    there have been just too many complaints about the former way of controlling the game. Some had problems picking it up other just didn’t even realize, what to do at all.

    With the new method you can still swipe like you know it, just make it long enough and start it in the area that would bring up the wheel. You can see the areas in the gameplay guide, that is linked from within the game.

    I guess with quite many fans of my old control system I’ll probably make it a users choice when I add the preferences. In the meantime please try to ignore the wheel and swipe around. I just made it up on popular request.

    With 100000 downloaders its not easy to satisfy everyone, that’s why this game needs options soon.

    • Good point well made. This is a great app on the whole and it’s good that you’re working to keep it moving forward. Thanks a lot.

    • I understand you’re only trying to please your customers, but sometimes the customer doesn’t know what’s best for them, especially if they want this new way of controlling the game! It is not good. Who has been complaining about the former way of controlling? I’ve read many blog posts and forums, and the biggest complaint was that it crashed or froze… Now, I’m seeing everyone complaining about the new swiping methods.

      I think you’ll find that most will hate this new way of controlling. You say we can still swipe like we know it, but it’s slower, a bit annoying, and messier.

      The update also brought ‘feedback’ or list of what the computer players are doing: call, bet, check, et cetera. Although I like this idea (in concept), it replaces the “Option” or “Call?” messages that give feedback to the human player, that it is his/her turn. It also seems quite repetitive: I can see that “Edith P.” calls, because there’s a big “CALL” icon on her cards!! This is just silly.

      Also, the “Check” command is more limited because I must now click on my cards, whereas before, I could double-tap anywhere. I do not like this as well.

      The new splash screen is nice – the cards seem to be dealt smoother and quicker – that’s fine too. But you’ve removed what was so attractive about the game – the smooth, fast, and efficient swiping method! Now it is messy. You MUST change it back! Anyone who complained about the old method, probably just didn’t understand how to play the game! Once they learn, they should not be complaining! This doesn’t solve anything!

      I love how you are involved in the forums and blog comments, because it shows you’re trying to bring the best product, but in what I’ve been reading around the blogs and forums, this update is a step BACKWARD. Please respond to your customers.

    • sound would be good to….cards being dealt, chips splashing

    • I really LOVE this game….I play it all the time. I have not played the latest update after installing it, but it sounds like the controls have become slower and awkward. I would like to know where I can sign up for testing. I currently work in a software company and understand the testing process and have already found a few bugs in the playing and would like to be able to submit them.

      Again….LOVE THIS GAME!!!!

  7. actually the simplest thing to do is to give the option to have the wheel show or not,
    also the deal button imo clashes with the rest of the board
    everything else is perfect

  8. Can you change the player names to some real WSOP or WPT players?

  9. john buckle says

    I have tried the new update and its harder for me to use.

    before, i could swipe up to increase bets and swipe up again to confirm. However, now i find it rather hard to increase the betting price and then confirming it takes four or five attempts.


  10. Well, I absolutely love this game so let me thank the developer for it!

    But after reading all these comments about the latest update I’ve decided NOT to update. All these new features sound horrible so I’m gonna pass this time. I love my old way of playing.

    Please, give us an Option Menu, please please!

  11. Captain Hook says

    I agree this new playing mode is not a good move.
    When I saw the update I was hoping it was to add some sound & a save option. Its sad to say I wont be playing it much anymore until an option to swip is back, it just takes too long to play now.

  12. and this version is bug-gier than the previous one…

  13. Pit, it looks like you’re getting a lot of “hits” regarding the new “Wheel/Swiping” method as opposed to the old method. I have to agree with everyone though. I know that you say in all of your posts on several sites (kudos to you by the way for keeping up with all of them) that “you can still swipe like before” but in all reality you can’t. Before you could just swipe – that’s it. Now you you have to press and hold down your finger BEFORE you can swipe. Every time I try to just swipe, it only works about 10% of the time. So, it looks like this will most likely end up being an “options” item since most of the forums I have been reading has users complaining about this and you seem determined on getting this game right. And to all those other users previously who had “problems” with the old system obviously were not die-hard THTouch fans or just simply didn’t know how to play it at all. It was simple, easy and quite intuitive. To me and it seems like a lot of other users, it was no different than any other “swiping” function on the iPhone or iPod Touch.

    My only other request would be to have a “Save” or “Continue from Last Play” option since I can never finish a game whenever I start one. It would be great to actually finish a game.

    We all know that you are constantly making this game the best that it can be and I think I speak for all of us here, that we all appreciate all the hard work that you have done. Now that I have said my peace, I am off to get you another donation so you can get that Mac. Good luck and keep up the good work.

    • Thank you fartman. Because of the “complaints” about the old method of swiping, Pit changed it… for the worse! We must send the message that this new method is really bad. My wife grabbed my phone last night and decided to play some Hold’Em, and she said, “What’s this? They changed it?” After about 5 minutes of playing and 10 grunts/sighs, she handed the phone back to me and said, “I don’t like it anymore.”

      I repeat: The greatest thing about THTouch was its fluid and fast gameplay of swiping. That is now removed. Any step backward is a frustrating one for your customers, because they were in love with the old method.

  14. so many complain… se7en, u can uninstall it and don’t play it if u don’t like it anymore

    • If I were a developer, I would love someone like me: I give descriptive and constructive feedback for the apps that I use. The developers need feedback: that’s what brought about this change in the first place, and good feedback will make the change go back. If we keep our experiences with the product to ourselves, then the product will never get better. You simply don’t understand. Many are complaining, for a good reason here.

      I won’t uninstall it, but I won’t be playing much of it until it has been fixed.

    • What a rude coment to say… Honestly, we are merely stating what we feel about the changes. Obviously the developer listens to his customers from above comments and will be putting in a settings option to change this. Also being in the software industry, I can also fully describe any issues or problems I find.

      I just can’t believe how rude this was.

  15. This version of THTouch crashes immediately after launch on my iPod Touch 1.1.1. :-(

  16. i wanna add my 2 cents…
    Old way was way smoother and cleaner…
    Now its slower and the wheel is constantly getting in the way..
    its REALLY hard to double tap now to CHECK.
    and i preferred when it was my turn, a question popped you basically have to know that you’re next…which means figuring out who folded and who is before you, or paying attention to “player” being highlighted…

    I think the people that had a problem before really need to figure out how to swipe smoothly…the old way….LOTS BETTER.

  17. time for me to chime in with my impressions of the new version…

    i prefer the ‘swipe’ method of game control over the new wheel. the wheel just seems… counter-intuitive to the overall iPhone interface.

    if people are complaining about not being able to figure out swiping (despite the little question mark in the corner) perhaps it’s time to return to the directional graphics from a couple versions ago in which the colored bubbles indicating the other players actions actually formed an arrow that was a visual cue as to how to mimic that action. (for those who don’t remember, the blue bubble surrounding the “CALL” indicator actually pointed to the right, RAISE pointed up, FOLD pointed down, CHECK was simply a check mark.) if people are having a hard time figuring out how to use the swiping, maybe it’s due to the lack of visual indicators. when those went away i even stumbled a bit at first, but i was back on my feet in no time.

    someone above mentioned adding a ‘save’ button, but i would take that a step further: add a ‘reset’ button somewhere and have your progress saved automatically when exiting the app. one of the things that make a good iPhone app is seamless integration with the rest of the system. who wants to fumble around with saving their progress while scrambling to answer a call?

    that said, thank you for the good work you’re doing on this app.

    • Mike. I agree. I think it was me who mentioned the “save” option. Actually, what I meant to say is exactly who you posted, which is that the game automatically saves your current progress as you exit the app. That way, when you return to the game, there would be a screen where it would prompt you with two options. One would be “Continue from last game?” And the other would be “Start New Game.” Now that I think about it, there should also be a “Preference” button, where the user could have options like a “yes” or a “no” option to side bets, using the old vs. new swiping method, etc.

    • I agree…..saving would be AWESOME!

  18. Dannyslice says

    Firstly thanks for a great app, please keep up the good work.

    Unfortunately i agree with the majority on here. The previous swipe method was far better, the new method adds complication and confusion.
    I also agree that a save game option would be great, if i spend a while building up my chips, I loose all my hard work when I ultimately have to stop playing to do something else less interesting! Postind score and network play would be sweet additions.

    Once again a cracking app thankyou.


  19. Pierrick says

    New version 0.32e !