THTouch 0.28e & 0.29

THTouch We posted a demo video of THTouch of few weeks ago. Well, it is finally avialable in the Installer! THTouch is a Texas Hold’em application. The application opens to a splash screen, just tap to enter the game. On the game play screen, you will see 10 players. You are the play in the lower middle titled Player. If you tap and hold the ? icon in the lower right corner, you will get a nice help overlay showing which way to swipe to Deal, Call, Fold/Abort and Bet/Confirm. To begin, just swipe to the left. Once all the cards are dealt you will see your cards are face up and everyone to the right of you has played. You will see what they have played on top of their cards. If there is an F, they have folded…if there is a C, they have Called. You can then either [Read more…]

Multi-Hand BlackJack

Multi-Hand BlackJack is another application soon to be released in the AppStore. Below is a demo video of the application. You can also check out their website for screenshots of the application and a full list of all of features.

Watch “Multi-Hand BlackJack” on your iPhone or iPod Touch.