THTouch 0.28e & 0.29

THTouch We posted a demo video of THTouch of few weeks ago. Well, it is finally avialable in the Installer! THTouch is a Texas Hold’em application. The application opens to a splash screen, just tap to enter the game. On the game play screen, you will see 10 players. You are the play in the lower middle titled Player. If you tap and hold the ? icon in the lower right corner, you will get a nice help overlay showing which way to swipe to Deal, Call, Fold/Abort and Bet/Confirm. To begin, just swipe to the left. Once all the cards are dealt you will see your cards are face up and everyone to the right of you has played. You will see what they have played on top of their cards. If there is an F, they have folded…if there is a C, they have Called. You can then either change your Bet (swipe upward), Call (swipe to the right) or Fold (swipe downwards).

You can then continue to play. When the game is over, it will display who won and what they had in their hand. To play again, swipe to the left. This application is runs very smoothly for me and seems well developed. Below is a demo video via the developer and screenshots. THTouch is available through the ModMyiFone source.

Update: The update to version 0.29 should fix the bug that gave other palyers your chips when you won. It also changes the theme of the cards.

Demo Video:

Watch “THTouch” on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

THTouch 0.28e THTouch 0.28e THTouch 0.28e THTouch 0.28e THTouch 0.28e THTouch 0.28e THTouch 0.28e THTouch 0.28e

THTouch 0.29 THTouch 0.29

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  1. Cool App! Now if only they will make it online so we can play against humans.

  2. This App is greatly developed but the mathematics are so WRONG!!!! I played on it all night and whenever i won a hand it gave my winnings to three other players….and once my chips disappeared..This app needs to be developed more…

  3. Yep, it likes to give your money away LOL

  4. It doesn’t work on 1.1.1. :/ Does somebody know why?

  5. 1. The problems with the pot splitting should be gone since version 0.28e
    2. I’ve got no idea what the problem is with firmware 1.1.1 and actually don’t really want to waste time on finding out.
    3. The current version is 0.29, go and update. Thanks.

  6. if i knew what im playing it would be a killer app!!! lol any instructions?

  7. y cant i find it on the installer ???????

  8. yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaahhh it has finally arrived

  9. Hmm.. I’m officialy abandoning appleiphoneschool.. this site is no longer what it used to be.. doesnt say a thing about appstore upcoming games.. THtouch has been available for 4 days or so and now you remember to write about it.. and tbh after i discovered other iphone blogs.. they seem better =\

    • They are only now wrighting about it because there was so much to do in regards to the keynote address and the 3G iPhone, EINSTEIN. Where have you been for the last few days. Don’t come back.

  10. “y cant i find it on the installer ???????”
    it is on the source, be sure to refresh it. more than 60000 people got the very first release, more than 40000 got the first update, and already more than 8300 installed the latest version. So, I have no idea, why you can’t seem to find it. Sorry.

  11. Hello i have installed the last version of the game, it is great but still has some bugs e.g. when 2 people are All IN it crashes down
    and when i have for example 3000 chips and the other player 1000 i go all in with 3000 and he with his 1000 and he winnes, so he has to win just 1000 and i get 2000 chips back but he takes all my 3000 chips!!

    other Bug when 2 players are ALL IN and there is no third player in the round why should i check, there should be SHOWDOWN, it means our cards should be shown and flop, turn, river should come without checking!!

    Thank you!!

  12. whts the whole source code for this game as i still cant find it.

  13. m i the only one who cant find this on the installer i really want this game is der a way some one help pls

  14. mirza dude if it was der i wouldn;t be posting here in the first place i cant find it anywhere i have the source feeded in everything still cant find it can anybody tell me a way to download the file and winscp it by any chance

  15. I have noticed if you go to and check the Modmyifone repo, it isn’t listed as a package in that repo. If any of you have version 0.28e and you un-install I bet you won’t be able to find it any more. Try it.

  16. Absolutely.
    Installer really seems to be having problems with this… tss

    Manual download:

  17. developers have taken it out of installer for some reason, i accidentally deleted mine, and now is no longer available, hope an upgrade version is up soon.

  18. I got the first version – I noticed an update yesterday to 0.28e, but I am refreshing sources now, but I do not see an update to 0.29. Anyone else having this issue?

    It still has some issues of getting “stuck” and crashing every once in awhile. Fantastic App. I see some amazing potential here. Thank you. I donated $5.

    • I actually see (via iPhoneAppTracker) that 0.29 was posted. Not sure why I’m not getting it. Sources get stuck/confused/et cetera.

  19. will someone please post the game, i’d love to ssh it, thanks!

  20. Well guys, ic it s a fantastic game and frankly i’m willing to donate for sure but after updating control coz it’s really bad. Really it’s either needs to be updated to work smoothly (coz each time i want to CALL,DEAL,BET etc.. I start tapping everywhere for several times to get the order accepted) or to be changed to another way of control.

    Is there a proper place to tap the order? or it’s really a small bug?

    Thx in advance for any reply (I’m using the 2.8e version)

  21. One of the sources maintainers has (accidentally?) overwritten the repository with an older version. They are fixing it now.

    @CA: Its not to tap anywhere. Tapping and holding the question mark in the lower right corner just reminds you of the swiping directions. You dont have to tap anywhere specific.


    swipe left –> deals
    swipe right –> call the highest bid
    swipe up –> show bet dialog / swipe up again (after placing the chips) –> confirm the bid
    swipe down –> fold or ir the betting dialog is shown: close it or: if you placed some chips already and decide not to bet so much, resets to the minimum bet.

    double tap: check

    but, I’m considering a new kind of control anyway. but only later. at the moment this works like a charm. If you’d have read the instructions in the installer, you’d have already known all the controls..

  22. Now it’s up again! Version number in the repo changed to 0.29-1 but this is just to make sure, that everyone, who downloaded a broken package gets the correct on now.
    I just tried and installed. Working great!
    Enjoy. Expect the next update tomorrow.

    • thanks man

    • first,thx 4 replying.
      second, yes I saw the question mark help ( how to call, deal, etc…) but the problem is each time I want to CALL for example,I normally have to tap/swap to the right side, so I do it in the middle(don’t know if its the proper place to pass the order) for several times till it responds..that a the only problem I have, control…other then that, it s working smoothly…

  23. think there is a bug there. when two or more players show hand (with the letter “A”), and there’re less than five cards shown on the table, the game will freeze. not sure anyone runs into that problem?

  24. Yes got this problem and many more which i described in my replay over!!

  25. I got this problem too..(freezing problem)

  26. wtf is wrong with this game, i keep swiping, it doesnt works

  27. more human players would be cool. So you can play poker in the break with some friends.

  28. iphoneee says

    great game. sucky swiping

  29. control is perfect in 0.29 but freezing issue is still a problem and saving money (or session) is not available…
    Does anybody know what the refrences of the company or programmer are??

  30. version 0.30b is up! lots of changes to the graphics, and i’m trying to generate some of the “all-in” crashes but haven’t had it more than a few minutes.
    one thing i liked better about .29 was the arrows showing the other players actions. once you play it for a while you just do it by instinct, but for a beginner it was nice to have that visual reminder without going to the corner to click the question mark.
    good game! i think i spend more time playing this game than any other that i have installed.

    • bug still present from last version: after a round, the winning hand from the previous round remains on screen, sometimes overlapping instructions pertaining to the current round.

  31. dannyslice says

    Hey great game, i’m a novice player and am using this app to practice.
    I’ve noticed the chips not adding correctly over 3000 bug but no lock ups as yet. The swiping works fine with me and is easy to get used to.
    I do agree with ARUS though, having multi human players would be cool, but probably a nightmare to code.
    I’m running 1.1.3 and 0.30b version of the game.
    Please keep up the good work.

  32. Dont know if I should say ‘GREATE GAME’…but freezing problem (or kicking u out of application) is still present after several rounds..good work..keep working…

  33. I just downloaded the latest ver 3.0j or something like that. This is an awesome app so far. I cant wait for the finished version.

    One suggestion I have is I wish there was an instructions screen. The swipes are self explainatory w/ the “?” in the corner, but it took me 15 mins to figure out how to check was to double tap the screen.

  34. I wish you could save the game.
    As soon as you go to the iPhones main menu, you lose it.
    Also, a feature to make it play faster would be nice.

  35. version 0.32 crashes immediately after starting on iPod Touch version 1.1.1 :-(

  36. Notice couple strange things on v-0.32.

    –> If I am BB, and SB calls. Sometimes if I try to raise (swipe up), I am forced to fold. (1) Swipe up to raise – betting chips appear. (2) Select the amount I want (3) swipe up to “confirm” – nothing happens (4) tap and hold to display action wheel – only “Raise” and “Fold” options are available. I have only seen this when I am BB and no one raises. And especially when it comes down to heads-up. Oh, so after I fold the next hand is dealt and I am still in “Raise” mode and am forced to raise the bet ont he next hand.

    –> Last is, after I have eliminated all 9 players, I find myself with more 10K. Obvisouly there is still a pot splitting/winning calculation error. I mean 10 people with 1K each. Should never get more than 10K in the end. Nto that I am complaining :)

    Good fun game. On line might be too difficult to coordinate given that these are mobile devices. But that is just my thought.