PokerSolitarus 1.001 & 1.002

PokerSolitarus The update to PokerSolitarus 1.001 adds four translations to the application. On the main play screen, you will notice four flags at the bottom. You can select a flag to change the language. The languages include, French, English, German and Spanish. Other than that, I do not see any visual changes to the application. PokerSolitarus is available through the iSpazio source.

Note: There has been a quick update to version 1.002 of PokerSolitarus. This version adds Latin to the list of available Languages.

PokerSolitarus 1.001 PokerSolitarus 1.001 pokersolitarus1002

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  1. Guys,
    I tryed to add the source of ispazio, and it seems is not working. Any problems you know of?


  2. It seems the game’s installer is offline or something at the moment? I am searching for it and it doesn’t come up.

  3. hum?
    the game is online in our repo, there is an update . you will not find the 1.001 version but the 1.002 (adds italian flag and localization)

  4. lol sorry brooke is not latin is italian :D

  5. If u like Poker for the iPhone check out this German Project:

    also @ youtube:

  6. guys,
    i’m trying to add the source. no can do. any ideea?

  7. Maybe those are corect poker rules but it’s absolutely boring to just be able to set your money in the beginning, and not after you have seen what your chances are.

    What kind of Poker is this? i already asked in the lastest thread…i’ll have a look there or if its not answered there, s1 be so kind and tell me

  8. Hola! It is now found and installed.
    Working perfectly too.

  9. ajuancar says

    Hola. When I try to Install PokerSolitarus Installer crashes. Now I got a ? icon names pokersolitarius that I cant delete. Please help.