iDynDNS 1.0-1

iDynDNSWhen this app came out Brooke asked me right away, what’s dyndns. I said, “I should probably do this review.” :) DynDNS is a website that provides a lot of services. The service I use from them and also the service linked with this app is the ability to make a domain name point to a IP address that isn’t always the same. For example, my home internet is a DSL connection. The IP address changes every once in a while and if I want to remote desktop into it from somewhere else I’d have to know the IP address. With DynDNS and iDynDNS you can create a unique name that you’ll remember and it will point you to your iPhone.

First I went to to create an account. You’ll want to go to this page to get started: Once you set up an account you’ll want to enter in your info. For the host name type something you’ll remember and pick a domain from the drop down. This whole thing will now be your link to your iPhone’s IP instead of a number. So like instead of Pick “Host with IP” then enter your iPhone’s current IP address. This should show up at the bottom of the iDynDNS app. [Read more…]