iCall VoIP on the iPhone

iCall is a VoIP company that is bringing their product to the iPhone. It has not been released yet but, it says that it will be available soon. Below are a few of the features it will offer and a demo video.

1. Make and receive calls over WiFi
2. Transfer inbound calls from a regular cell call to WiFi instantly and seamlessly – save your expensive minutes
3. Access your same address book
4. Customize your voicemail options

You can get more information via their Website.

Demo Video

Watch iCall on your iPhone or iPod Touch.


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  1. I dont understand why do we need to transfer inbound calls to wifi? Obviously people who call us will pay the bill right?

  2. Im not interested in wi-fi calls (I have over 10 000 minutes rollover that I cant even use!) unless they’re international (makes more sense)… plus now more and more companies offer unlimited call plans for around 90$ a month….so why bother? :)

  3. mad_llib says

    We want to transfer inbound calls to WIFI to save minutes… how long have you had a cell-phone? You do know that it charges you minutes both when you SEND and RECIEVE calls, right?

    Unless you’re on a mobile-to-mobile plan like offered by t-mobile or something. So there’s a ton of people that would like this feature.

    I would like it because I have crappy reception in my apartment, and could remedy this with a seamless WIFI interaction that didn’t require people calling a seperate phone number.

  4. if you have “crappy reception” change your cell phone provider ;) and (yes!) theres unlimited plans already which means “talk for as long as you want” (no international calls thou). I have an AT&T plan with rollover minutes and accumulated over 10 000 minutes already for six months or so….cant figure out how to use them all, and I pay around 100$ (with unlimited internet) per month…so thats why I say dont bother with those wi-fi calls, the trend now is towards unlimited calling plans with AT&T, Sprint and other cell phone providers coming along with those … ;)

    • Ok Josh… thank God you have over 10000 minutes in six months….let me guess you were paying for a 4000 min plan and using only 1000 a month…

      Inter for plans that is not even available.

      Yes, the providers in the US have used their customers for years. Cell service is far advanced everywhere else. Free incoming minutes and is far better than your 10000 mins any day.

  5. David Patrick says

    ya this would be great but, they said in FAQ they are Apple Devleopers, so untill someone figures out a way if possible to allow our current APPS to work on 2.0 this program will prabably not work on 1.14

    this is KEY for us who cant affort a new 3G phone on Monday:(

    Anyhow just my thoughts and something to keep in mind to all

  6. I know that I for one am extremely excited for switching to Wi-Fi on the fly! I use my cell phone as my main house number as well, and 90% of my calls are at home anyway, so this will definatly make life a heck of a lot easier! I just hope it works on FW1.1.4 because I’m not switching to FW2.0 until its flawlessly Jailbroken. :)

  7. What is the source name for this application ? It is not mentioned anywhere ?

  8. So this is what T-Mobile calls HotSpots @Home.
    Calls placed over a network (WiFi) are free in or outgoing.
    I think they have about 5 phones now that offer this option.
    Once you walk away from the WiFi connections you switch over to a cell tower and your minutes.

    Its been offered for over a year now.
    Would be nice it the software would work on the T-Mo network as well.

  9. Anybody know if you can get a Canadian local number with iCall?

    Thanks in advance.