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BoxOffice BoxOffice is an application that allows you to search for theaters and movies available in those theaters based on location. When you open the application you will get a blank screen and a lower menu bar with the options; Movies, Theaters and Setting. The first place you will want to go is into the Settings. Here you can either enter a zip code or select the locate icon in the upper left corner and the app will find your current location. You can then choose the radius in which you would like the application to search. The radius options start at 5 miles and go in increments of five up to a 50 mile radius. You can also learn more about the application by selecting the About option. Once you have entered everything into the Settings, you can then choose either the Movies or Theaters option.

If you select the Movies options, you will get a list of current movie that are playing in the theaters near you. You can sort the movies by Title or Rating. When you select a movie you will get the movie’s page which gives a [Read more…]