Refurbished iPhone 3GS – $49 at AT&T

AT&TAT&T has refurbished 16GB iPhone 3GSs on sale today for only $49! It also includes free overnight shipping and free activation! Just visit to buy online. Remember, requires purchase of a $30 a month data service, 2 year contract & new activation required. Available in black and white.


Refurbished iPhones Available Through AT&T – 8GB $49.00, 16GB $99.00

##ICON_NAME## AT&T has refurbished 3G iPhones available. You can get an black 8GB iPhone 3G for $49.00 (normally $99.00) and/or black and white 16GB iPhone 3G’s for $99.00 (normally $149.99). They are both $50.00 off the original price and are only available while supplies last.

In order to get the iPhone 3G at the refurbished price it requires a $30/mo data package & 2yr Service Agreement.

Check HERE for availability near you. [Read more…]

$79.00 & $129.00 Refurbished iPhone 3G’s

##ICON_NAME## AT&T is currently selling refurbished iPhone 3G’s on their website. You can get the 8GB iPhone 3G for $79.00 and both the black and white versions of the 16GB iPhone 3G for $129.00. These prices do require a two-year contract and they are only available as supplies last. So, if you are looking for a way to save a few bucks but still be an iPhone owner now just might be the time to buy! You can check it out HERE on AT&T’s website.

Contract Free iPhone From AT&T

AT&TAT&T has officially confirmed the rumors of a contract free iPhone. The price is steep but if you’re interested, the 8GB is $599 and the 16GB is $699 and will be available March 26th. On the other end of the price spectrum you can get a refurbished iPhone on AT&T’s site right now for $99 or $199, depending on the size. That, of course, requires a 2 year contract. This all feeds the idea of a new iPhone coming early this summer.

Refurbished iPhone 3G’s – $149.99 & $249.99

AT&T Right now on AT&T’s website, you can get a refurbished 8GB iPhone 3G for $149.99 and a refurbished 16GB iPhone 3G for $249.99. These prices require that you sign up for a two-year contract. If your interested…better check them out quick…they never last very long!

Refurbished 8GB iPhone 3G

Refurbished 16GB iPhone 3G

Where are the Refurbished iPhones?

This is an interesting story sent to us by one of our viewers. It is about a gentleman (David) who ordered a refurbished iPhone through AT&T and received a bag…yep, that’s it, nothing but the bag. The only reason this concerns me is because I know a few of you bought refurbished iPhone’s from AT&T during the last sale. Below is a just snippit from David’s blog.

I am a developer for Pegasus News. My team has been working on an application for the iPhone and was in need of hardware for testing, so when my brother mentioned that AT&T had refurbished iPhones on their site, I jumped on the deal knowing that stock at all local Apple stores was nonexistent. I place my order, everything goes through just fine, I’m a happy customer. I try to pull up my order status on AT&T’s site and get an error message telling that it might take 24 hours for information to be available in their system. This seems like a common enough requirement, so I wait patiently.