Where are the Refurbished iPhones?

This is an interesting story sent to us by one of our viewers. It is about a gentleman (David) who ordered a refurbished iPhone through AT&T and received a bag…yep, that’s it, nothing but the bag. The only reason this concerns me is because I know a few of you bought refurbished iPhone’s from AT&T during the last sale. Below is a just snippit from David’s blog.

I am a developer for Pegasus News. My team has been working on an application for the iPhone and was in need of hardware for testing, so when my brother mentioned that AT&T had refurbished iPhones on their site, I jumped on the deal knowing that stock at all local Apple stores was nonexistent. I place my order, everything goes through just fine, I’m a happy customer. I try to pull up my order status on AT&T’s site and get an error message telling that it might take 24 hours for information to be available in their system. This seems like a common enough requirement, so I wait patiently.


My wife calls to tell me she found the DHL delivery, but it’s not a box. It’s a shipping envelope. She asks if she should open it. I tell her please do.

“It’s just a bag.”
“It’s a what?”
“It’s a bag. It’s an empty plastic bag.”
“Well, um, er, is there anything else in the package at all? A note or anything?”
“There’s a shipping label. But this is just a bag like you’d get if you bought something in their store.”



“I’ll call AT&T again.”

Read the entire blog entry HERE.

I am curious to know if anyone else is having this problem.

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  1. Here you go, i found a similar story on “engadget.com”.

    A few people responded saying it happened to them as well…

    Hope that Helps….


  2. was it the official at&t? because they cant get away with that and even if it was some scam they still cant get away with it

  3. Aha, interesting case for Detective xan.
    I say, the wife switched it before David could come and check. She stole his iphone and hid it somewhere. : )
    Case closed.


  4. Same story happen with my friend .
    He called ATT , after 1 hour he got hold of the right person who said that they are out of stock , sorry, you will be geting iPhone in about a week
    he still did not get anything

  5. I saw the news post and jumped on the deal right away. Phone came in a blue box with everything included. It’s an AT&T box that says refurbished. Even comes with the black mini box with the cloth inside. I had no problems purchasing. Maybe dudes wife stole it?

  6. I’ll say shake your wife down old school style. something happened to your phone men….

    She knows what time it is.

  7. Richard B. says

    I ordered a 16gig and got it no problem in about 4 days with everything that came with my 8gig. Sorry to hear about people getting screwed like that. I would have been pissed off to.

  8. TheDiggin says
  9. if this happen to my i will be thinking on takin “legal actions”…apple have to do something its the best phone in the market and the people of ATT are creping it!

  10. Wilson, Don says

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