Contract Free iPhone From AT&T

AT&TAT&T has officially confirmed the rumors of a contract free iPhone. The price is steep but if you’re interested, the 8GB is $599 and the 16GB is $699 and will be available March 26th. On the other end of the price spectrum you can get a refurbished iPhone on AT&T’s site right now for $99 or $199, depending on the size. That, of course, requires a 2 year contract. This all feeds the idea of a new iPhone coming early this summer.

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  1. Dustin James says


  2. very expensive to buy

  3. I have a 16GB pay and go iPhone (UK). I paid £390 for it and using the converter on my iPhone, it seems to be around £80 cheaper in the UK. I also get 12 months free Unlimited Web and WiFi usage. Is this the case on AT&T?

  4. Boodlezoid says

    Ya, so might as well just wait and get the new iPhone this summer. Time to start saving up now!

  5. is this the iphone 3G?

  6. You really think there will be a new iPhone?

  7. So I would assume that even contract free, they’re still locked to AT&T’s network, or does it say otherwise?

  8. Ok, so I’m wondering…

    Apple released this 3.0 beta for developers so that the developers can make sweet apps for the new firmware. Why would Apple do that if they are planning to come out with a new iPhone? I mean, unless the apps will work the same on this, rumored, new iPhone…. but with that, how different could this new iPhone be?

    With the 3.0 firmware and with the idea of the apps working the same, what changes is do you think Apple going to make for this new iPhone?

    Different colors?
    A front camera?
    New size?

    There don’t seem to be many changes they can make while staying within the boundaries of the 3.0 firmware working the same.

    • i think they will make it faster, much faster! so a faster cpu, and more memory, i personally think 32 gb, and then maybey an camera upgrade with 3/5 mp with the ability to record film! maybey someting else?