14 Different iPad Cases for Only $3.75 Each From AT&T

This is a killer deal. The only reason I can think as to why they are doing this is that they don’t sell 1st Gen iPads anymore so they just need to get rid of these cases. There are 14 different choices including the OtterBox Defender case for only $3.75 each with Free Priority Shipping (2-day). To get the awesome deal you must click the link provide on this Deals Plus page to get the additional 25%. Each case is $5.00 but with the discount they are $3.75. You can either fill up your cart first, or click the discount first. Just don’t forget! [Read more…]

iCorkz Protection for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch Headphone Jack & 30-Pin Connector

This is one of the best inventions for the iPhone. They are little accessories that plug into your headphone jack and dock to protect them from water & dust. They also work in the iPad and iPod touch. Check out my video and pictures below. They are just $9.95 for the set plus shipping and can be purchased at icorkz.com. I recommend them and will be putting them the rest of my devices. [Read more…]

Just Mobile Xtand – The iPhone Stand of Stands

Ok, here is the deal, I was making dinner the other day (or maybe it was breakfast… I can’t remember) anyway… like most of my cooking escapades, I was using my iPhone for the recipe. And, as usual, Doug came in the kitchen halfway through my escapade only to find that my iPhone was dusted with flour, maybe had a sprinkle of seasoning on it and possible been garnished with a few droplets of water (though to my defense… he does always seem to come into the kitchen right in the middle of things when it is the craziest)! And, like usual, he looked at me in horror. “Opps… my bad!” [Read more…]

AiS Holiday Product Review Marathon

##ICON_NAME## We are about to start a Product Review Marathon! With the Holiday season coming up, we thought we would start reviewing iPhone and iPod touch accessories. Hopefully it will help you with some of your Christmas shopping! Below is a list (not a complete one) of some of the accessories we will be reviewing over the next month or so. We will keep you posted as we add more to the list.

Some of the up-coming reviews include;

Dry Case iPhone & iPod touch Case
Distinctive Style iPhone Cases
Otter Box Commuter iPhone case
Otter Box Commuter TL iPhone case
iSkin solo FX iPhone case
iSkin solo iPhone case
iSkin revo2 iPhone case
iSkin touch Vibes iPod touch case
mophie juice pack air iPhone Battery Pack
Scosche kickBACK iPhone case
Joby: Gorillamobile
Ten One Design: Soundclip
ZOFUNK iPhone Cases

The first review, of the Dry Case, will be coming soon!

How to Spend My $50 Gift Card at Best Buy?

I just got a $50 gift card for Best Buy for Christmas. Here are some ideas I could spend it on for the iPhone. Got any others? Anyone used the A/V Cable before? We’ve done a review of the DLO Portable Speakers and they are pretty nice. Let me know what you think in the comments. I’m open to non-iPhone ideas too!

iTunes Gift Card $50

Apple® – Composite A/V Cable for Apple® iPod™ – $49.99

DLO – Portable Speakers for Apple® iPod® and iPhone – $39.99

Zagg – InvisibleSHIELD Screen Protector for Most Apple® iPhone 3G – Clear – $16.79
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Aquapac – Waterproof iPhone Case

AquapacAquapac has a 100% waterproof case for the iPhone. It is made of premium polyurethane and “is sensitive enough to allow full use of the iPhone’s dynamic fingertip touchscreen, as well as normal speak/hear clarity.” You are also able to make a phone call and use the camera through the case. It is good for keeping dirt and sand off your iPhone and is submersible up to 15 feet. If it still makes you a little nervous, it does come with a 3-year global warranty! The Aquapac for iPhone case is available for $25.00.

I personally am a big fan of OtterBox Cases and to me, the Aquapac for iPhone case is more like a water-proof pouch then a case but, if you are looking for a easy way to keep your iPhone safe from water, dirt or sand…this might be the way to go! I could also see the armband version of the case being very useful!

More Info:

Aquapac 100% waterproof cases are sealed with the legendary Aquaclip™, a shatter-resistant premium polycarbonate seal with a pair of easy-to-slide levers. The Aquaclip makes direct access to your iPhone as simple as the flip of a switch.
Aquapac makes three iPhone-ready cases, including the action-sport ready Small Armband Case with an elastic and Velcro strap ($35); the Mini Phone/GPS Case ($25); and the Small PDA Case ($25).

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