Just Mobile Xtand – The iPhone Stand of Stands

Ok, here is the deal, I was making dinner the other day (or maybe it was breakfast… I can’t remember) anyway… like most of my cooking escapades, I was using my iPhone for the recipe. And, as usual, Doug came in the kitchen halfway through my escapade only to find that my iPhone was dusted with flour, maybe had a sprinkle of seasoning on it and possible been garnished with a few droplets of water (though to my defense… he does always seem to come into the kitchen right in the middle of things when it is the craziest)! And, like usual, he looked at me in horror. “Opps… my bad!”

Normally he just wipes off my iPhone and proceeds to tell me that I really shouldn’t use my iPhone while cooking however, this time he left the room and came back with the Just Mobile Xtand. He put my iPhone on that bad boy and I will never go back. It holds my iPhone perfectly to use while cooking! I’m totally stealing it from him and keeping it in the kitchen! I even like it better then our plastic baggie solution.

If you have been around Apple iPhone School for a while now, you may remember a review Doug did of the Just Mobile Xtand in Sept of 2008! Yes… two years ago! That is why I’m writing about it again. This stand has stood up to the test of time. It has fit every iPhone produced all the way from the first gen iPhone to the iPhone 4. It still looks, feels and performs just like it did the day we got it. So, if you are looking for a Christmas gift for that special someone, you may want to check out the Xtand.

You can get the Xtand for $40.00 USD on Just Mobile’s website but you can get it on Amazon for around $30.00 USD.

Check out Doug’s review of the Xtand for more info… below are screenshots from his review.


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  1. Wish it was a multitasker. I like it but also need it to mount in vehicle.

  2. Oh, Gosh! I came near to break my beloved iPhone 4 just a moment ago! Thanks to the protection of the iPhone silicone cover