DLO Speakers for the iPhone Review

I love these speakers. I’m actually going to buy a pair for my self from Amazon. They are running about $31. They retail for $50! These speakers are simple, run off batteries or AC. They are shielded so they resist that buzzing sound; They will work with anything with a headphone jack! I could go on and on, just watch the video review:

Watch “DLO Speaker Review” from your iPhone or iPod Touch

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  1. dude are u guys from Chicago?!

  2. can you please ake a link in the side bar os on the top bar to your item reveiws

    • sorry typeing mistake-
      can you please add a link in the side bar or on the top bar to your item reveiws

  3. Hello Douglas

    Very nice review. iWorld Australia is the exclusive distributor for DLO-Philips products in the territories of Australia and New Zealand.

    This speaker is made by Philips and since Philips has taken over DLO it has now been renamed Philips.

    We found your video to be really great and we have added the link to our webpage and drive all customers to it.

    The response has been really great.

    Good work mate.