Free Cases For iPhone 4 Owners!

AppleToday Apple announced that they would provide a free iPhone case to all iPhone owners to temporarily resolve the antenna problems. Anyone who has purchased a bumper case from Apple will receive a refund. If you haven’t gotten one yet, you’ll get one for free. Apple will also be providing a few cases from other manufactures since they will not be able keep up with the demand for Apple’s bumpers. We’re not sure yet what will happen if you bought your iPhone case from someone like AT&T. We also aren’t sure if the refund will be cash or in store credit at the Apple Store like they did with the 1st Gen iPhone after lowering the price $200 and refunding $100 in store credit. Apple will have more details on how to get your free case or refund within the next week.
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AiS Holiday Product Review Marathon

##ICON_NAME## We are about to start a Product Review Marathon! With the Holiday season coming up, we thought we would start reviewing iPhone and iPod touch accessories. Hopefully it will help you with some of your Christmas shopping! Below is a list (not a complete one) of some of the accessories we will be reviewing over the next month or so. We will keep you posted as we add more to the list.

Some of the up-coming reviews include;

Dry Case iPhone & iPod touch Case
Distinctive Style iPhone Cases
Otter Box Commuter iPhone case
Otter Box Commuter TL iPhone case
iSkin solo FX iPhone case
iSkin solo iPhone case
iSkin revo2 iPhone case
iSkin touch Vibes iPod touch case
mophie juice pack air iPhone Battery Pack
Scosche kickBACK iPhone case
Joby: Gorillamobile
Ten One Design: Soundclip
ZOFUNK iPhone Cases

The first review, of the Dry Case, will be coming soon!

Seat Buddy – Hang Your iPhone Anywhere [Case]

Seat BuddyCNET and Gizmodo have recently wrote about a new accessory that allows you to hang your iPhone from all sorts of places called Seat Buddy. It’s made of a rubber silicone so its easy to get the iPhone in or out. You just take the two straps and close them in to a glove box, tray table on the airplane, or use the included velcro strips to attach it to something like a treadmill. Here’s some videos from their website:


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OtterBox Announces Two New iPhone Cases – Commuter & Commuter TL Series Cases

Today, OtterBox announces two new iPhone cases; the Commuter and the Communter TL. The cases are compatible with the iPhone 3G and 3GS. Both seem really sleek. One cool thing I did notice was that the Communter LT case will be available in seven colors (black, blue, green, pink, red, white and yellow) which is unusual for an OtterBox case. Below is a quick description of the new cases (which look really cool), a few screenshots and the full press release.

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iWood Case for the iPhone 3G

Miniot is a company that makes wood cases for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Well, they have now made a iWood case for the iPhone 3G. The cases are carved from a single pieces of wood and, if the iPhone 3G cases follow the trend of the cases created for the 1st Generation iPhone, they will be available in Oak, Padouk, Cherry, Mahogany and Walnut. The cases come in two pieces that slide together, leaving all ports and controls accessible. You can also personalize the case with a [Read more…]

Marware – Already a Nice Variety of iPhone 3G Cases

Due to some small size differences – we are talking millimeters – between the iPhone and the iPhone 3G, case companies are in a frenzy developing cases for the iPhone 3G before it is released on July 11 (which seems WAY too far away!). Well, Marware is ahead of the game! They already have a nice variety of cases ready to go for the iPhone 3G. The cases are not yet available however, they can be pre-ordered. Here is what they look like and the price.

Side Note: Dimensions of iPhone and iPhone 3G Comparison
iPhone – 115 x 61 x 11.6 (height, width, depth in millimeters) 4.8 ounces
iPhone 3G – 115.5 x 62.1 x 12.3 (height, width, depth in millimeters) 4.7 ounces

Marware sportsuitSportsuitâ„¢ Convertible for iPhone 3G ($34.99)
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