iWood Case for the iPhone 3G

Miniot is a company that makes wood cases for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Well, they have now made a iWood case for the iPhone 3G. The cases are carved from a single pieces of wood and, if the iPhone 3G cases follow the trend of the cases created for the 1st Generation iPhone, they will be available in Oak, Padouk, Cherry, Mahogany and Walnut. The cases come in two pieces that slide together, leaving all ports and controls accessible. You can also personalize the case with a monogram, inscription or logo. For an extra charge, you can even have a matching dock carved from the same type of wood! The current cases cost around $125 USD, that price includes the engraving of a monogram, inscription or logo. The wood dock is an additional $31 USD. Head over to Miniot’s website for more info.

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  1. i think this one is kinda stupid but a little fancy!! lol

  2. i always wanted the solid gold iphone, but had to settle for the gold psp :( but if they make a gold 3G iphone i am so getting it, saved loads of ££££ already

  3. like an iphone coffin….. lol

  4. WOW I actually really like the wood style case. Looks pretty kool, I just hope it doesn’t make it take up to much space in your pocket.

  5. So…how do the 2 pieces stay on the phone? Are they just tight enough? or is there a locking mechanism that keeps the 2 pieces together?

  6. This is something Good !!!

  7. cassandra says

    it sounds silly, it looks silly and the price is way too much.

    i will pass.