Free Cases For iPhone 4 Owners!

AppleToday Apple announced that they would provide a free iPhone case to all iPhone owners to temporarily resolve the antenna problems. Anyone who has purchased a bumper case from Apple will receive a refund. If you haven’t gotten one yet, you’ll get one for free. Apple will also be providing a few cases from other manufactures since they will not be able keep up with the demand for Apple’s bumpers. We’re not sure yet what will happen if you bought your iPhone case from someone like AT&T. We also aren’t sure if the refund will be cash or in store credit at the Apple Store like they did with the 1st Gen iPhone after lowering the price $200 and refunding $100 in store credit. Apple will have more details on how to get your free case or refund within the next week.



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  1. I wonder if anyone would have known or gone through this antenna problem if it came with a case already for free….It would have solved the problems to some people that have it.

    I know of other people that do not experience the antenna problem.

  2. I was not one of the people who was bothered by the antenna problem but the bugs in the bumper design are making me very unhappy. I purchased one to protect my phone from drops. What I learned is that it doesn’t work with Apples dock and the cutouts for the charge/sync and headphone jack are too small so that the connectors cannot be plugged in. Recall the bumpers!

  3. Jerry Hunter says

    another issue I have with the current case design is that it makes it virtually impossible to apply a skin to the face of the phone without it bubbling up. I’ve brought mine back to the store twice, had them apply the skin, and each time, they were unable to do so without the skin pushing up when the case was put on.