Marware – Already a Nice Variety of iPhone 3G Cases

Due to some small size differences – we are talking millimeters – between the iPhone and the iPhone 3G, case companies are in a frenzy developing cases for the iPhone 3G before it is released on July 11 (which seems WAY too far away!). Well, Marware is ahead of the game! They already have a nice variety of cases ready to go for the iPhone 3G. The cases are not yet available however, they can be pre-ordered. Here is what they look like and the price.

Side Note: Dimensions of iPhone and iPhone 3G Comparison
iPhone – 115 x 61 x 11.6 (height, width, depth in millimeters) 4.8 ounces
iPhone 3G – 115.5 x 62.1 x 12.3 (height, width, depth in millimeters) 4.7 ounces

Marware sportsuitSportsuit™ Convertible for iPhone 3G ($34.99)

Marware sportgripSport Grip™ for iPhone 3G ($19.99)

Marware ceoglideC.E.O.™ Glide for iPhone 3G ($24.99)

Marware ceopremiereC.E.O.™ Premiere for iPhone 3G ($34.99)

Marware ceosleeveC.E.O.™ Sleeve for iPhone 3G ($24.99)

Marware ceoflipvueC.E.O.™ Flip Vue for iPhone 3G ($29.99)

For more information about the cases, check out Marware’s website.

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  1. i think i will be pre-ordering the C.E.O.™ Premiere for iPhone 3G

  2. MURAT ONAL says

    hi.ths is murat onal from turkey antalya.i really do wanna have iphone.and i knw mny frnds of mine thy also want to buy a dj and music is my life.but the prblm is apple dont sallng ths phone in turkey yet and its not a fair.and also its too expensive down here.some ppl r brng tht phone from eu or us and thy ask for 1250 dollars.its shame.
    apple sellng tht for 199 dollaras in us.why we shld pay tht much for thts phone.pls fix tht prblm and pls find the way for the buy tht phone.thx. dj murat antalya turkey

  3. i have a case for my iphone but i feel that it disrupts how sexy it is so i never put it on lol