How to Spend My $50 Gift Card at Best Buy?

I just got a $50 gift card for Best Buy for Christmas. Here are some ideas I could spend it on for the iPhone. Got any others? Anyone used the A/V Cable before? We’ve done a review of the DLO Portable Speakers and they are pretty nice. Let me know what you think in the comments. I’m open to non-iPhone ideas too!

iTunes Gift Card $50

Apple® – Composite A/V Cable for Apple® iPod™ – $49.99

DLO – Portable Speakers for Apple® iPod® and iPhone – $39.99

Zagg – InvisibleSHIELD Screen Protector for Most Apple® iPhone 3G – Clear – $16.79

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  1. I think you should get the invisible shield. I have one and it works wonders. Plus it is a lifetime warranty! So if it peels off you can just send it back and get a new one.

  2. haha i have the same problem with the $130 itunes moneys i got and have spent half of it already but now i have no idea what to do with it. i like the first choice, using a gift card to get a gift card. also, i got the av cables for christmas but havent gotten to try them out yet :P

  3. I’d get the composite A/V cables. See, I don’t have an Apple TV, so I can’t rent movies off of iTunes and watch them on my TV. I can only watch them on my computer… which isn’t cool because I’d rather be on a couch watching a movie. So yeah… with the cables you can rent a movie, put it on your phone, then watch it on your TV. Although I don’t know how good the video quality would be with the cables. I can’t afford them… : P

    Also, I’ve been looking to buy a car dock for my iPhone. Something that charges AND play the music through my system. Anyone have any recommendations?

  4. Kensington LiquidAUX. My friend got one and happy =)

  5. Patrick R. Harden says

    hey! i got an idea! u could give it to ur favorite hardens :D lol jk….

  6. Does the AV cable work for the iPhone too?

  7. Invisible Shield… It’s the best! I’ve got it for my ipod touch and i’m very happy with it! (now my ipod even sticks to glass XD)

  8. I’ve got the AV Cables, hooked them up to my car and now I can watch my podcasts in the car on the bigger screen. I also hooked them up to my new plasma tv and enjoyed them on there.

  9. I think you should get the Itunes card. I have a question Does nike plus work for the 1st generation ipod touch because i understand that they built a transmitter in the 2nd generation ipod touch. If i were to get mike plus for my ipod touch would i just have to plug in a transmitter for it to work?

  10. Get the AV cables. They are very nice. It has an excellent video quality when put on a tv. I was surprised how good it was. It’s really easy to use and feels strong. Overall a nice piece of work. Besides I know you’d rather watch your videos on a big t.v. screen instead of on your iphone or computer. I would definitely get the AV cable!

  11. A/V cable. Worths every dollar you spend in it.


  12. When I had a 5th gen. iPod, I loved my cable because when I was sick I could watch my iPod on something a tad bigger. Too bad it doesn’t work with my Touch.