iPhone Commercial – Shopper

##ICON_NAME## This iPhone Commercial – Shopper – shows the use of a few stock applications; Safari, MMS (picture messaging) and Maps. However, it also features one of my favorite applications… RedLaser (try it once and you will be hooked!).

“I know an espresso maker isn’t the most romantic gift but my wife really wanted one. So I did a little research. Asked her sister which color she’d like, and then I did a quick check to see if it was cheaper anywhere else. Turned out the best price was around the corner. I’m a much smarter and faster shopper with my iPhone”

iPhone Commercial – Concert

##ICON_NAME## This commercial features two applications Shazam and Local Concerts. Both are free apps in the App Store. Personally, I LOVE Shazam!

“I was out the other night and this great song came on. So I used my iPhone to figure out who the band was. Downloaded their album, right there. And the best part was, my iPhone even told me when they were coming to town. So, all I had to do was buy the tickets. I still don’t know how my iPhone does all that.”

Apple’s New iPod touch Commercial – Next Level of Fun (Updated)

Ok, so I couldn’t find a list (at least the correct one :) ) of the games that were demoed in the iPod touch ad Next Level of Fun, so I decided to figure it out myself. I think I got them all right. Below is the list in order that they appear (links to App Store).

Top Gun
Real Racing
Monster Trucks Nitro
3D Rollercoaster Rush
Touch Hockey: FS5
Homerun Battle 3D
Tiger Woods PGA Tour by EA Sports
Finger Foos
Slope Rider
• A tiny second of a game… I can’t tell what it was!
2XL Supercross [Read more…]

iPhone 3GS Commercial – Avid