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AiS With the new year, comes a new writer to Apple iPhone School. We are very excited to be adding David to the team! By day, David is a High School Chemistry teacher…go Chemistry!! :) By night, he is a lover of all gadgets but is partial to his iPhone 3G (which he stood in line for on that wonderful July day). He is an experienced blogger, check out his blog, and that combined with the love for his iPhone has led him to become a part of our writing team. David does bring a new perspective to the table as he has a stock (unjailbroke) iPhone 3G. Look forward to reading his reviews of App Store apps and iPhone accessories.

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  1. Congratulations David. Can’t wait to read some of your reviews and takes on things!

  2. You guys should definitely give a shot at convincing david to jailbreak, show him the why jailbreak section on the site..

    • Haha…nah…I think it is great to have all perspectives. There are a lot of people who come to our site that do not have a jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch so, I think it will work out great! Though, I will not tell him he can’t jailbreak his iPhone! ;)

  3. Good luck David, enjoy the writing.

  4. Thanks everyone! I love discovering new apps and accessories, and look forward to sharing my takes on everything.



  5. If you knew the power of the Dark Side (jailbrokeness)!!!


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