AppleTap 1.6.5

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AppleTap The update to version 1.6.5 of AppleTap changes the lower menu bar. Instead of including; Features, Apple, Search and Mac vs PC…it now includes Featured, Apple and More. In the more options, you will find; Mac vs PC, Search, and the Timeline. There have not been any changes to the functionality of the options, they have just been moved. In the Apple option, the classic section has been removed and only contains current products. There were also a few commercials added to the Mac vs PC section, a few more products added to the Timeline and the apps files have been cleaned up. The only issue I am having with this application is [Read more…]

AppleTap 1.6.1

AppleTap The update to version 1.6 of AppleTap and the quick update to version 1.6.1 make one change to the application and fix a few bugs. The one change to the application is a good change…it makes scrolling through the pictures MUCH easier. Instead of tapping once to go to the next picture, double tapping to go back to a previous picture and tapping with two figures to get back to to get back to the previous menu…now you can just scroll through the pictures and double tap to get back to the menu. A great improvement! You can get AppleTap through the ModMyiFone source.

AppleTap 1.5

AppleTap The update to AppleTap 1.5 once again makes quite a few changes to the application. Not only does the app have a new icon, it has a new splash screen as well. When you open the application, you will also notice that the Featured Page has been updated and looks much cleaner (I like that it is all roundy now!). There have also been two changes in the lower menu bar; the apple icon has changed and the option that used to be Settings is now Mac vs. PC (which, we will talk about in a minute). [Read more…]

AppleTap 1.4

AppleTap The update to version 1.4 of AppleTap makes a few changes to the application. The first change you will notice is a new icon. Once the application is open, you will also notice that the Featured page as some additional information about the application. On the Apple page, when you select a product, there is a new option called Guided Tour. The Guided Tour option will open a video in YouTube with Apple’s guided tour about the product. Not all the products have guided tours yet. The update also adds additional [Read more…]

AppleTap 1.3

AppleTap The update to version 1.3 of AppleTap adds a Google tab in the upper right corner of the Search page. When selected, it allows you to search Google right in the application. The only issue I have found with the search is that if you search for anything that is two words for example, Apple TV or iPhone 3G…the search doesn’t work. However, [Read more…]

AppleTap 1.1

AppleTap AppleTap is an application that gives you information about Apple Products. AppleTap opens to the featured screen where you are given a list of Future Features and the developer’s Requests. If you select the Apple option on the lower menu bar, you will see a list of Apple’s current products. There is also a Classic category however, there is no information available in that category yet. In the Current category, if you tap on a product you will get more information about that product including; the Release Date, the Latest Update date, Pictures of the product and the option be directed to Apple’s website with more information about the product. It looks as though there will also be some pricing and configuration information available in the future. To get back to the main menu, tap Back in the upper left corner. Back on the main menu, there is also a Timeline feature. [Read more…]