AppleTap 1.5

AppleTap The update to AppleTap 1.5 once again makes quite a few changes to the application. Not only does the app have a new icon, it has a new splash screen as well. When you open the application, you will also notice that the Featured Page has been updated and looks much cleaner (I like that it is all roundy now!). There have also been two changes in the lower menu bar; the apple icon has changed and the option that used to be Settings is now Mac vs. PC (which, we will talk about in a minute).

If you select the Apple option on the lower menu bar and select one of the products under the Current products, you will see a few new features. Under the Media heading, there is a new Advertisement option. This will open a YouTube video advertisement for the product. Also, if Apple has not created a guided tour of a product, the Guided Tour option will not show up under the Media heading for that product. Under the More Info heading, there are two new options; Special Deals and Wikipedia. Special Deals will open a browser bringing you to the product on and Wikipedia will open a browser bringing you to the Wikipedia page for that product. If you scroll to the bottom of the product’s page, there is now a short description of the product.

The Search option has been fixed so that you are able to search for items containing one or two words. However, it does not work for searches containing three or more words. The new Mac vs. PC option is really cool. When selected, it will bring up a list of all the Mac vs PC commercials listed by the year they were released. When you choose a commercial, it will open it in a Safari browser. The videos are hosted on the developer’s website. I am having a few issues with the videos downloading slowly and the sound cutting out just after the videos start but, that could be something on my end. The last change to the application is one that I really like…the buttons on the lower menu bar are larger making it A LOT easier to select them! AppleTap is available through the ModMyiFone source.

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  1. Actually, the buttons on the bottom stayed the same size, but i changed the size of the top and bottom bar to the normal size. That’s why the buttons seem bigger :P. Also if you have any requests, please tell me! (except for less confusing picture navigation; that is already in the works for 1.6).