AppleTap 1.1

AppleTap AppleTap is an application that gives you information about Apple Products. AppleTap opens to the featured screen where you are given a list of Future Features and the developer’s Requests. If you select the Apple option on the lower menu bar, you will see a list of Apple’s current products. There is also a Classic category however, there is no information available in that category yet. In the Current category, if you tap on a product you will get more information about that product including; the Release Date, the Latest Update date, Pictures of the product and the option be directed to Apple’s website with more information about the product. It looks as though there will also be some pricing and configuration information available in the future. To get back to the main menu, tap Back in the upper left corner. Back on the main menu, there is also a Timeline feature.

Here you will see a timeline of Apple products starting with the Apple 1 in the 1970’s and going to the MacMini in the 2000’s. At this time, you cannot select any of the products to get more information about them but, maybe we will see that in a future version of the app. There are also two additional options on the lower menu bar; Search and Settings. As of now, neither of these options are available. AppleTap is available through the ModMyiFone source.

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  1. useless

  2. Hello.
    Well, Liraz, I am sorry if you don’t like it.
    However, please consider that this is my first iPhone application and that I am using this application to learn. I am improving this application every day and you will see another update (1.4) today!

    • I think you are doing a great job…keep it up! You will continue to learn a ton as you improve the application. I’m not sure why some people are so mean…maybe a bad day!

  3. sorry