Issues when Updating App Store Apps

App Store Doug noticed awhile ago (which I’m sure most of you have as well) that when you update an application in the App Store, it completely deletes the application’s icon off your iPhone and then re-adds it in the first available spot on your iPhone’s SpringBoard (instead of leaving the application where you had it on your SpringBoard). This can be slightly annoying if you have all your apps organized exactly how you would like them. Recently, we have also heard that some people are losing their previously saved games, scores and log-in information when they update an application. I have not found this to be true. All the apps that I have updated have kept my previous information. Let us know in the comments if you have experienced data being erased when updating an application.

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  1. Apps store has a lot to learn from installer. Updating apps was so quick and seamless. Updating apps take forever now even with wifi. Can’t wait till more apps are available through Cydia/Installer!

  2. LordOfFlies says

    i Love installer……appstore is just ok

  3. i lost my saved games of Enigmo…
    i was on level 33!!! :[

    • Oh no!! Doug would be sooo mad if that happened to him! I updated Engimo and it kept all my games but, I was only on level 4.

  4. my aurora feint game lost lost my progress when I updated it bummer…

  5. I lost all my game info after updating South Park Imagination Land. Made me mad, I was allmost at the end, now I don’t want to play it anymore.

    • You might have it backed up in iTunes.

    • thats how i am too… i don’t know how many more levels there are on Enigmo.. but i was so far that i don’t even want to finish now.. it makes me mad because i paid $10!!

  6. I am having a lot of problems with updating apps. I had four updates last night that I saw and so I tried to do the updates on my iphone but it froze and became non responsive so I had to go in to recovery mode and restore (which took forever)!!! Also, has anyone noticed that itunes does a poor job of keeping track of updates. A couple of days ago my itunes account said I had 17 updates, so I clicked download all free updates and only 2 things downloaded so I checked the other updates and found out that there was no actual update. And right now itunes is not recognizing that there is an update to Auroa Feint, I clicked check for updates and got back, “there are no updates”, I went to the Auroa Feint app page and clicked download and I got a messege that said “would you like to download the free update to Auroa Feint”.
    Sorry this is so long there are so many problems right now and I am just frustrated.

    • it just froze in the middle of a looooong sync and now it is non responsive. Maybe another restore! Great job apple!!

  7. i lose my saved games pretty often when i update and sometimes after connecting my ipod touch with my computer

  8. I’ve lost an entire database when updating OmniFocus. Lucky for me I use it with the desktop version. I’ve also had apps randomly disappear from my phone completely. They all been apps that had an update. It seems that instead of offering me the update, it would just remove them.
    For those that have lost … you might be able to restore your game from an itunes backup. Most apps get their databases backed up in iTunes.

  9. Some of my applications are not updating at all, even though I can see in itunes that they have updates available. Is anyone else having these issues?

  10. Does it make a difference if you update in iTunes compared to updating through AppStore on your phone?

    • atrophic says

      While updating an app the other night and watching a youtube video I received a call and that was just too much for my phone. It stopped the video, showed the call as coming in but never rang and never allowed me to answer the phone. After 5-10 minutes of random screen whiteouts, blackouts, half loading the home screen, half shrinking it into oblivion again, etc, I finall gave up and restarted the phone.

      Bad idea… it never again got past the Apple boot logo. Even after getting it into restore mode and trying to boot again it wouldn’t work. I ended up having to restore it which sucked since I hadn’t run a backup in a week since those take >4 hours to run. Then it took 6 syncs in a row for it to install all my applications again. This new firmware really missed the mark, I hope the 2.1 update comes out soon.

    • atrophic says

      ugh, that wasn’t supposed to be a reply to that thread. I suck at using the reply button apparently.

      I guess I’ll reply to your comment anyway. I *don’t* have problems when updating via iTunes, and it seems to go a lot faster too. Hope that helps.

  11. I updated Brain Challenge and it erased all my info and progress to date… I was up to 25% brain usage and now I’m back down to 11%… bummer! Guess more brain exercise won’t kill me :-D

  12. this is very true

    I was on like level 35 on Enigmo, but when it installed the recent update, it reset all my saved games!!


  13. imo itunes should also update the savegames.. once the 2.0 jailbreak came out i installed it on my ipod and i hadn’t thought about the progress i made in both monkey ball and crash bandicoot (whereas bandicoot was easy to catch up again). but i felt uncomfortable with the jailbroken fw (too laggy imo) so i installed the original firmware again. i’m pretty much through the game now and i don’t want to lose the score again in the case i wanna jailbreak it again :(

    • I don’t think I’m ever gonna jailbreak my iPhone. I’ve never heard anybody talk about how stable it is. Just the opposite. A nonjailbroken iPhone isn’t very stable to begin with, so I can’t imagine installing unauthorized software could help any.

  14. Level 23 of Enigmo is down the tube due to the update, I am back on level 15, but man did it take me some time……

  15. I have my 3G iPhone jailbroke and when the appstore said that there were new updates for some of my apps, i tried downloading them from the phone using wifi but a warning sign saying that my apps had a problem and had to be downloaded directly from my computer. I used my computer to update them and itunes kept crashing. I had to erase the applications from my iphone directly in order to have them installed again through the computer… this really sucks…

    • Phil, Washington, DC says

      Thats why I will wait a while until I jailbreak my 3G, there’s gonna be problems to workout first.

  16. Check the mobile applications folder.. .each time the app updates you get a new file so i have:


    poor implementation

  17. Dansford says

    Somehow I actually lost all my applications when upgrading to 3G from the old one. Easy enough for the free ones, but sucks for the ones I paid for. Hopefully Apple support will come through on that for me…

  18. When I try and update the apps through iTunes, It says that my credit balance is out of date. I have $14 left of the gift card I used, and I have no idea what to check.

  19. germanbavarian says

    just updated nitro Kart and lost all saved data!!!!!

  20. I hope these issues get fixed in the coming 2.0.1/2.1 update, which is rumoured to be released in 2-3 weeks

  21. this is my 1st post regarding iphone in the world of internet..
    i have a very simple idea regarding s/w installation, try it, then gimme feedback..
    whenever u install or update any app, 1st let it install or update properly, then switch off the iphone, wait for 5secs, then restart the iphone.. if u update the icon will be replaced, put it where u want, then restart the iphone..
    try this, and tell me whether this simple helps u or not..
    and i’m thankful to be a part of appleiphoneschool..

  22. Also having this AppStore “your balance is out of date” message when trying to, ironically, update free apps. I tried to buy one more app but it didn’t remove the problem.

    Hopefully somebody will contact Apple, I’m already bored of doing so as nothing will happen’ anyway.