Cydia Community Sources 0-7

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Cydia There was an update to the Cydia Community Sources today. The update adds the iSpazio source to the list of sources. The sources url for the iSpazio source is The iSpazio source does add a few nice themes though I have found that the more info section of the themes does not work…so, no previews are available. But, if you haven’t already, you will want to check out the Reveal theme…it is one of my favorites!

Community Source 3.86

Installer The update to Community Sources 3.86 adds a new a repo to the Community Sources. The new repo is ZodTTD and the source url is

Community Source 3.86

HandicApp – Removed from Community Sources

HandicApp BigBoss has written an article warning of the dangers of using HanidcApp. Due to these dangers, iSpazio has removed the application from Community Source. Below the warning via BigBoss:

See original article and comments HERE.

Here are the dangers of this app. First off, all packages have permissions pre-set by the packager prior to going into Installer or Cydia. So this app is totally unneeded. Worse, it changes these permissions and you can never get them back without using SSH and having the knowledge to do so. Secondly, iPhone follows Unix file permission standards. This means all normal files must be 644 permissions. Only binary executable files should be 755 and in some special cases 4755 with owner set as root. This app stomps all over these proper permissions and just recursively sets every file to 755 in the entire folder! [Read more…]