Stack Application Discontinued

Stack Earlier this week, we wrote about all the new features that version 2.2 of Stack was going to include. Cool things like; repositioning the stack on the dock by dragging it around, themeable grid, removal prompt…etc. Well, it seems that due to frustration with piracy of his App Store apps, the developer of Stack is no longer going to be developing Stack. As a matter of fact, the application will be completely removed from Cydia in the next few days (so, make sure you get it while you can). Below is a quote from Steven’s post.
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SuperBall 2 Due to be Removed from App Store

Available In: App Store       Price: Free and $2.99  

SuperBall 2 SuperBall 2 and SuperBall 2 Lite are being removed from the App Store by Apple due to copyright infringement issues. Apparently Atari Interactive is not too happy about SuperBall 2 and is claiming infringements against the pong and breakout copyrights. So, if you want either the free version or the full version of SuperPong 2, you have until tonight (Friday night) to get them from the App Store. After that, they will be gone. [Read more…]

Light Removed from App Store

Light It seems another application has been removed from the App Store. Erica Sadun’s Light, was officially removed from the App Store today. This was confirmed even further by Erica’s tweet, “RIP Light.”

The removal seems to be due to some hacking on Erica’s part. It seems that she hacked a little bit of code that allowed her application control the brightness of the iPhone. So, when you opened Light, it would force your iPhone to go to full brightness instead of the brightness that your iPhone was set at in your stock Settings. Then, when you closed the application, your iPhone would go back to the original brightness you had it set at. Although this is a feature that many of us desperately would like to have, it is against Apple’s rules to affect the brightness of the iPhone.

HandicApp – Removed from Community Sources

HandicApp BigBoss has written an article warning of the dangers of using HanidcApp. Due to these dangers, iSpazio has removed the application from Community Source. Below the warning via BigBoss:

See original article and comments HERE.

Here are the dangers of this app. First off, all packages have permissions pre-set by the packager prior to going into Installer or Cydia. So this app is totally unneeded. Worse, it changes these permissions and you can never get them back without using SSH and having the knowledge to do so. Secondly, iPhone follows Unix file permission standards. This means all normal files must be 644 permissions. Only binary executable files should be 755 and in some special cases 4755 with owner set as root. This app stomps all over these proper permissions and just recursively sets every file to 755 in the entire folder! [Read more…]

iAwake2 Removed from BigBoss Source

iAwake2 According to BigBoss’s website, he has removed iAwake2 from his repository. This is due to the fact that it is an exact copy of Insomnia…it was just renamed and given a new look. Below is the email conversation between BigBoss and an unnamed individual.

Unnamed Individual:


First of all, I’d like to thank you for maintaining your repository and hosting many good apps for the community.

On 27/05 ModMyiFone added an app called “iAwake2″ to their repo, and I just noticed today that you included this app too. It looked suspiciously similar to another app Insomnia that was released quite long ago and is available from Ste’s source.
I downloaded both apps and, unsurprisingly, both executables are absolutely identical. So iAwake2 is just a repackaged version of Insomnia with different graphics. [Read more…]