iAwake2 Removed from BigBoss Source

iAwake2 According to BigBoss’s website, he has removed iAwake2 from his repository. This is due to the fact that it is an exact copy of Insomnia…it was just renamed and given a new look. Below is the email conversation between BigBoss and an unnamed individual.

Unnamed Individual:


First of all, I’d like to thank you for maintaining your repository and hosting many good apps for the community.

On 27/05 ModMyiFone added an app called “iAwake2″ to their repo, and I just noticed today that you included this app too. It looked suspiciously similar to another app Insomnia that was released quite long ago and is available from Ste’s source.
I downloaded both apps and, unsurprisingly, both executables are absolutely identical. So iAwake2 is just a repackaged version of Insomnia with different graphics.
It is worth to note that the “developer” of iAwake2 claims that his app is based on Insomnia with “some bugfixes and performance improvements”. But Insomnia is distributed under GPL v3, and if any bugfixes are distributed in binary form, source code must be made available. Of course, he won’t do that because his app doesn’t differ from Insomnia.I bet this guy doesn’t even have a compiler, otherwise he could change the code so it would be less obvious that his app is a rip-off.

It’s sad that there are such “developers” who want cheap fame by misleading the users and this kind of behavior is completely against the open nature of the iPhone community. I hope you’ll take action and remove iAwake2 from your repository.

Best regards
(Name removed by BigBoss)

Sent from my iPhone


Hi Jash,

I was given this report below, and of course (at first) didn’t believe it was true. So I installed your iawake2 and insomnia and ran an md5sum comparison of both binaries, and it turns out that both binaries are identical. This means you could not have even taken the same source and recompiled the app because the timestamps in the resulting binaries would be enough to result in unique md5sums. This amounts to stealing the app, putting your own images in, and having it hosted as new, original content. This type of thing cannot be allowed in our community. It makes me look bad for hosting it in the first place. Therefore, I am pulling the package off my repository and also informing the other community source owners as well as NullRiver (all blind copied in this email) of the situation so that everyone is aware of what this package is and no one hosts it.


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  1. good to know i just uninstlled iawake

  2. I think it’s a shame guys who want fame by copying other developers work. Really good job with detecting this plagiarism.

  3. So, they can both do EDGE as well?

  4. Thing is it’s really bad this whole stealing software issue.
    Since the app is still quite useful it’s unfortunate that it is available in cydia while insomnia is not, at least not on my iphone. Can you (BigBoss) package it in your cydia repository?
    As it seems iAwake2 is still available from ModMyiFone repository in cydia?

  5. I’ll see if we can get STE to hurry up getting Insomnia into Cydia.

    • Thanks BigBoss. For bringing this out.

      But why did you take my name out from the E-mail.? I’m not Scared of anyone!!!

  6. shame!!!!! this community takes pride on open software and took it with dignity and respects of other’s hark work of putting up times to think and solve problems for us and writes codes that helps those who needs it, and a jerk came around and disgraced him/herself that way! …plagerism..sighzzz…

  7. Ivan loksta says

    LOL after romiving the guys name a couple of times In BigBosses response they say his name, Jash. Also this is just efed up I mean what kind of person would take credit for another persons work , I’ll tell you who an Natzi!! LOL jk

  8. navygirl002 says

    Ivan loksta: jash is the name of the developer that stole insomnia and made iawake ….the guys name erased is from the one who brought the subject to the attention of bigboss….. Just thought I’d let u know :-)

  9. Not completely related, buy I believe more can be done to support real free software on iPhone. At the moment lots and lots of apps are shareware or freeware etc… and it’s not always easy to identify the real open source apps.
    I think it would be of great value to FOSS to have cydia (which is the open source installer) show for each app it’s license info (in the details). This is something basic in linux distros, and it’s part lf deb package management. small step but somewhat valuable in my opinion…

  10. I am the one who reported about this app to Big Boss.

    I’m totally jealous of Jash ! How can he get so much of fame !!!
    Lol.. :)

    Now I’m happy !

    • Anix Smith says

      George i am Anix smith i am a devloper and i want to email you about his, can i get your email address…..

  11. Ivan loksta says

    hey I’ve just noticed but both dream catcher and nullviver have published out ” iPhone video recorder ” wonder how that’s going to go down>;-P

    P.S. Thanks for the notice navygirl didn’t pick up on that

  12. how do i remove iAwake2 from my iphone its not in the installer(uninstall)?