HandicApp – Removed from Community Sources

HandicApp BigBoss has written an article warning of the dangers of using HanidcApp. Due to these dangers, iSpazio has removed the application from Community Source. Below the warning via BigBoss:

See original article and comments HERE.

Here are the dangers of this app. First off, all packages have permissions pre-set by the packager prior to going into Installer or Cydia. So this app is totally unneeded. Worse, it changes these permissions and you can never get them back without using SSH and having the knowledge to do so. Secondly, iPhone follows Unix file permission standards. This means all normal files must be 644 permissions. Only binary executable files should be 755 and in some special cases 4755 with owner set as root. This app stomps all over these proper permissions and just recursively sets every file to 755 in the entire folder!

This is wrong, but this is not the worst of it. There are several apps that require +s permissions. If you use this app and “heal” these apps, you will break them, and they will be unrepairable without a reinstall. If you run this app on the installer folder, installer is dead. If you are not proficient with SSH, you will have to restore. If you run this on Categories, BossPrefs, BossTool, Poof, (just to name a few apps) you will cripple those apps and have to uninstall and reinstall them.

I have explained to iSpazio how dangerous this app is and asked him to please remove it from community sources. I will post his response here.

See original article and comments HERE.

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  1. If you were to do this to Installer, all you would have to do is delete the Installer.app and jailbreak again using iLiberty with Jailbreak option and Installer as a payload. You would have to backup the plist files in /private/var/mobile/Library/Installer/
    But when you jailbreak again, it will install Installer and set the correct permissions. Then you can update installer and restore your installer plist files.

    • or, you could just search for Installer.app on the web and SSH it onto your /Applications folder (which i had to do once, like a month ago)

  2. William Shewfelt says

    This is weird. So I just wanted to test it out so I crippled Contacts then I healed it and it seemed to work fine. So I turned my iTouch off and went to sleep. Next morning, iTurn it on and my Contacts icon was missing. It scared me. I tried all sorts of SSH tricks on it, but I finally installed the MobileAddressBook 1.1.4 backup and it was fine…

  3. Bigboss is just a big pussy!!

  4. hey, not all the apps’ permissions are correctly set by the developer! yesterday I installed version 0.2.6 of Beatphone, and when I tried to open it, it crashed and went back to the springboard. so, i went to HandicApp.app and selected Heal (755) and now it works at its 100%!!

  5. Put back on installer. We need it sometimes.
    Just put a warning with it.

  6. tonyc311 says

    Im glad I got it when I did. I’ve only used it once on iFlix. It worked perfectly. I think I will keep it backed up since its not available anyplace else.