SuperBall 2 Due to be Removed from App Store

Available In: App Store       Price: Free and $2.99  

SuperBall 2 SuperBall 2 and SuperBall 2 Lite are being removed from the App Store by Apple due to copyright infringement issues. Apparently Atari Interactive is not too happy about SuperBall 2 and is claiming infringements against the pong and breakout copyrights. So, if you want either the free version or the full version of SuperPong 2, you have until tonight (Friday night) to get them from the App Store. After that, they will be gone.

I apologize for not getting this out sooner…the developer wrote me yesterday but, when I checked for the app early this morning I couldn’t find it in the App Store and thought it had been removed. However, the developer said that you could get it until tonight so I checked again and it was still there. So, if you want it, now is the time to go get it!!

Click here to download SuperPong2 via the App Store

Click here to download SuperPong2 Lite via the App Store

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  1. But if Apple can disable the apps of your iphone even you dont sync with itunes. The SuperPong2 cannot be disabled too using this way?

  2. DJContagious says

    *tsk tsk

    if i had a nickel…..

  3. there are a bunch of other apps like that, are they being removed too?

  4. I dont think this app will be removed. It was going to be removed but he changed the name from superpong 2 to superball 2 look here

  5. it’s Saturday morning here in California, and I’m downloading it as we speak

  6. i think it atari just copywrited the name Pong and Break in a game like that because BreakClassic and SuperPong have changed there names to BlockClassic and SuperBall, i think now they have changed their names i think they will be still allowed up.

  7. It’s still online. Is this just advertisment?

  8. Atari doesn’t have a leg to stand on legally. This is simply a case of cowardly giving in to hollow legal claims. If the name contained “Pong” or “Breakout” or a derivative of such, yeah, then Atari may have a case. But they can’t claim copyright on this general game concept of hitting a ball with a paddle.

  9. All these naming and patent issues are so sick.
    The guy who invented patenting should be sued for making the world so miserable.