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Stack Earlier this week, we wrote about all the new features that version 2.2 of Stack was going to include. Cool things like; repositioning the stack on the dock by dragging it around, themeable grid, removal prompt…etc. Well, it seems that due to frustration with piracy of his App Store apps, the developer of Stack is no longer going to be developing Stack. As a matter of fact, the application will be completely removed from Cydia in the next few days (so, make sure you get it while you can). Below is a quote from Steven’s post.

“I have to work extra hard as it is on creating things for the App Store, but when people like paniK go ahead and make my software available to pirates and I watch sales vanish overnight, it means I have to spend much more time on marketing and development for my App Store apps to try and offset my losses, leaving no time for projects like Stack that earn me nothing.”

Click HERE for the full post on Steven’s blog.

Thanks to Mark for the tip.

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  1. This is bad. I keep all of my most used apps in my “stack”.

  2. That sucks, but it’s true. He should let it go open source, or at least give the code to someone else who can continue working on it.

  3. Dustin James says

    What loses? Loss of time? What App Store apps does he make?

    I think his point is to attack the pirates drumthrasher109, not just stop the development of this app.. so I doubt he would do that.

    • The news documentary he was on says he makes over 5,000 a month with the apps he has in the App Store. That’s more than most people. I don’t understand what his problem is. Seems more of a “my apps are pirated, so I’m going to pout” type thing.
      He should at least make it open source.

    • Dustin James says

      I agree. He is just making a scene.. What will more time do for his existing apps?

      He should be flattered to have his apps be wanted so much.

    • Yeah i Think He is Being A Baby Since Many People Buy His Apps Like Lights Off. Which is One Of The Few Apps I Have Paid For.

    • I do not agree! If he decides he is going to discontinue it because he’s ticked off with crackers then fair enough. Its not childish if he cba put a load of work in to a voluntary project when pirates are ruining his other work! Its not as if he has to do stack, be thankful he has done what he has, neither does he have to give all his hard work to other people to take the credit.
      I think its others that are being childish moaning like they are.

  4. @ drum

    I doubt he will, as this is to “punish” the pirates… Really this seems quite childish, I understand his frustration. But the way he handed it is childish… Also what is the price point of his applications?

    If they are being pirated then that means people like it but it is at a unaffordable price. Another reason people pirate is to “demo” a application, but most just continue to run the pirated version… So a real solution would to adjust his prices and put out some free demos. He could also look into advertisement in his application “so that even the pirated version gains him some revenue”.

    Discontinuing stacks will not solve anything, as piracy will ALWAYS exist.

  5. So why is he removing it completely from Cydia? I can see not working on it for a while but to remove I feel is not necessary. Yes, cracking and pirating apps are wrong but hey, not all of us do it. When developing for app’s you gotta know that they will be cracked. I suggest before you create you should “brace” yourself for the pirating because you know it will happen.

  6. I downloaded the Stacks .deb file, I suggest that a lot of people do the same =X (I’ll be needin’ it when I choose to update my iPhone in the future)

  7. that is a bad news to me. I really love this app it is so efficient for iPhone or iPod touch users with a lot of apps on their devices. that includes. me

  8. When Stack 2.2 Come

  9. pay $20.00 for 2.2

  10. it’d be great if someone got ahold of all the 2.1 stack files, or even 2.2:), and they hosted it.

  11. The Stack app throws my phone into Safe Mode. I’ve removed it and re-downloaded several times.

  12. I always said that cracking iPhone applications, most of them prized in less than a dollar, is like set fire on our own building. Now we are facing the consequences!

  13. I’ve put it on my installer 4 repo:

  14. I have a question about the app. I can’t have more than 2 icons in my dock along with stack. If I put anymore stack overlaps them. I’ve seen some pics where people have 3 icons and stack works as the fourth, how do you that?

  15. can anyone plz put stack 2.1 on a cydia repo plz?
    thanx, in advance.

  16. Adam Reineke says

    Aw, this is sad news. Understandable, but sad. :-(

  17. I cant believe he is removing it! That sucks! I have a video on YouTube all about it! Why can’t he leave it on, or give the app to someone to handle. The dev shouldnt take his frustration out on us. come on!

  18. Dear all,

    I’m convinced that the real reason behind his decision to pull it off from the jailbreak scene is that Apple has told him so. I guess the deal is that his apps will get better exposure in the AppStore if he ends his contribution to the jailbreak scene. This is understandable and not the first time Apple bring pressure to bear btw…


  19. this sucks. i love stacked and when i read about the new vers. with it being dragable and showing one icon i was excited about it. guess we’ll have to wait for someone else to come up with something similar/better…


    looks like he made an update:
    Note: I’m still planning on releasing Stack 2.2, some people seem to have got the wrong end of the stick. But it shan’t get any updates.

    atleast 2.2 will be coming out…

  21. I’m sorry for his loss, but common this is poor quality. He will end up loosing even more profit from this little tantrum. great apps but now i will def never pay for your apps.

  22. That’s bad……..

  23. UPDATE: He’s releasing it.

    From his blog:

    “Note: I’m still planning on releasing Stack 2.2, some people seem to have got the wrong end of the stick. But it shan’t get any updates.”

  24. Wow great move… People gets so mad when we start talking about money… I’ve installed Stack on my iPhone 3G 3.0 jailbroken and it works perfectly.. Too bad we can’t move icons to the stack O_O Mister StackMan, that was a beautiful application, why are you blaming every minded people for a bunch of idiots? Argh.. Forget about it.

  25. I know this is a relatively old thread but I wanted to direct others that might be looking for the v2.2 .deb in the right direction.

    The v2.2 .deb:

    1. SSH the file to your iPhone and place it in /var/mobile/

    2. Run “MobileTerminal” (in Cydia) and enter these commands:

    su root
    dpkg -i stack2_2.deb

    3. Now enable the bundle preferences typing this string:

    /Library/MobileStack/InstallHelper –installPrefBundle


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