Community Source 3.86

Installer The update to Community Sources 3.86 adds a new a repo to the Community Sources. The new repo is ZodTTD and the source url is

Community Source 3.86

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  1. after updating to 3.86 i noticed that iclarified is gone and i now have two big boss sources that are identical. any one else expierience this and thoughts on if whether i can remove the duplicate big boss source?

  2. im having a lot of trouble with installer right now.
    most of the apps wont install because of bad url.
    Im not sure why this is happening so if anyone knows why please let me know.
    also i noticed my community source i have installed is version 122. and i cant update it? why is this. i want the tetris game really bad and i cant get it lol. any hep would be really appreciated. thank you =]