PhotoList Update – Facebook Integration

Available In: App Store       Price: $1.99  

PhotoList I opened iTunes this evening and what did I see? An update to an app that I had done a review on last week. It was the PhotoList app by Raisix Inc. (click here for the review) I was interested to see what they had updated and I was hoping it wasn’t just stability issues as most updates are. But to my surprise they had added a new feature to the app…Facebook integration!! Now that is cool.

The Facebook integration allows you to do two things: Upload and Download photos to and from your personal Facebook account.

To Download
Within PhotoList, create a new folder that you want to download pics from your Facebook account. Tap on your new created folder and tap the folder icon at the bottom right of the screen. Tap “Facebook” on the “Download photo from” title and after it requests authorization, sign into your Facebook account. Once you have done this tap “Done” and start downloading from any of your Facebook photo folders. Once you have selected your photo, name it or keep the default name and give it your 1 to 5 rating (if you want), and tap “Done”. Once you are done, tap the Facebook arrow and then cancel to take you back to the PhotoList app. [Read more…]

Sally’s Spa – The Game Every Girl Needs!

Available In: App Store       Price: $4.99  

Sally's Spa I don’t know if you ladies have heard of Sally’s Spa by Games Cafe Inc. if you haven’t…you most definitly want to check it out. Out of all the games I have tested, and that I have on my iPhone for personal use, this is by far my favorite! In the game you are Sally, the owner/operator of a Spa where you;

“Refresh your customers with saunas, manicures, bath bombs, massages, hot stones and more. Enhance the experience of your clients with upgrades for your rapidly growing business. Melt away the stress from a wide variety of customers and personalities including blushing brides, demanding fashionistas, calm couples, and many others! As you build your Spas, earn money to shop for over 65 items including employees to help your Spa business grow!”

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New iPhone 3.0 Firmware Preview From Apple Next Tuesday

AppleMany sites are posting about Apple doing a preview of the iPhone 3.0 firmware next Tuesday. Of course there are all kinds of ideas about what they will be announcing. I’m really waiting for the notification system that functions kinda like a SMS message that developers can use to push notifications to your iPhone. Examples like AIM message notifications, Ebay outbid notices, Twitter updates, News & Sports Scores Alerts, Woot-Offs, Weather Alerts, etc. This will bring the iPhone to another level.

Other major features that really should have never been left out are things like MMS (Picture Messaging) & Copy and Paste. We’ll make sure we stay on top of it and keep you up today on the latest rumors and actual announcements coming March 17th. And of course this might all be leading up to the 3rd iPhone :)

Full Status Bar

AiS For the first time since enabling the WeatherIcon status bar icon mod…I actually needed more space on my status bar! This past week-end, I noticed that I had a new email icon, a missed phone call icon, a missed text icon, a silence icon, the weather temp icon, the weather type icon and the battery icon all on my status bar. I also noticed that my silence icon was overlapping the time on my status bar because I had run out of room to the right of it! Last month…I wrote an article about a mod called No Clock. This mod actually removes the clock off your status bar. So, I gave it a shot. It worked…I could see all my notification icons on my status bar but, I missed having the clock!
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Pencil – WinterBoard Theme

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WinterBoard Pencil is an interesting WinterBoard theme that came out this week-end. It does quite a bit of modding including icons, slider bars, keyboard, splashscreens, SMS bubbles…etc. Pencil is avilable via the iSpazio source.

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SkrewCommon 1.39

iToday The update to SkrewCommon version 1.39 makes some nice changes to iToday. My favorite part of the update is that both the box and the screen are now scrollable. In the previous version, only the screen was scrollable. This adds a ton of functionality to the application. However, it is a little tricky getting used to scrolling just the screen and not the boxes. You have to scroll near the top or on the right of the screen. After a little practice, it is no problem. Both SMS and Call History have been added to the lockscreen. It displays the Date, Time and Contact from the last 10 Texts and Calls you have received. It also displays [Read more…]

LightsOn 1.4

LightsOn I think this app is cool! LightsOn, when you first open it, looks similar to the Blinker app but, give the screen a tap and you will see a myriad of options!! The first options (and the coolest) is the Morse Mode option. If you turn on Morse Mode…you can then enter a word into the Message blank and it will blink that word in Morse Code. Now, I have absolutely no clue how to read Morse Code so, it could totally be blinking out, “I can’t believe you fell for that!”, and I would have no idea. So, if anyone knows Morse Code…let me know! Some of the other options include, [Read more…]