New iPhone 3.0 Firmware Preview From Apple Next Tuesday

AppleMany sites are posting about Apple doing a preview of the iPhone 3.0 firmware next Tuesday. Of course there are all kinds of ideas about what they will be announcing. I’m really waiting for the notification system that functions kinda like a SMS message that developers can use to push notifications to your iPhone. Examples like AIM message notifications, Ebay outbid notices, Twitter updates, News & Sports Scores Alerts, Woot-Offs, Weather Alerts, etc. This will bring the iPhone to another level.

Other major features that really should have never been left out are things like MMS (Picture Messaging) & Copy and Paste. We’ll make sure we stay on top of it and keep you up today on the latest rumors and actual announcements coming March 17th. And of course this might all be leading up to the 3rd iPhone :)

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  1. Stevey101 says

    3.0 all ready! I don’t know why but to me it seams like 2.0 was released not to long ago.

    • seann33uk says

      i believe it was last June but i suppose it was not THAT long ago :/ nearly 4/5 of a year.

      Well move with the times, thats all i can say. I wonder if apple have managed a way to stop jailbreak yet? quite a jump from (1.)2.2.1 to (1.)3.0

    • eye-phone says

      apple needs jailbreaking, cuz despite what they tell you it boosts sales of the iphone

    • What’s the deal with this preview? Is it just a ”watch this space” thing or is there an official website that’s got more info on it?

  2. I hope they have sms forwarding included in the 3.0
    I’ve lost count of jokes i’ve recieved via sms and it’s too much of a ball ache to have to type it out again to send to a mate.
    C’mon Apple!

  3. “and keep you up today on the latest rumors”
    i guess you mean “keep you up to date”…?

  4. if there is a third iphone, i hope it has the ability to video chat. Oh yea and bluetooth sharing files.

    • bluetooth sharing files never… apple wont allow it… they say it puts risk on the data of the phone contained… and the video chat i think apple will only release it when their sales are coming down right now they wont

    • ok cools u got a point, only jailbreaking it give it that capability. As of yesterday i got ibluetooth and it does wonders sharing any kinds of files.

  5. Jailbrake the phone if you have yet to do so and use biteSMS,I too had this inconvinence and now I am fine.

  6. Hey Doug and Brooke!

    Congratz on your newborn =D

    Have you noticed iBluetooth in cydia yet?

    it allows you to send a recieve files via bluetooth for the iPhone. The app cost €3.99 but it works very well and is defiantly worth it.

    Hope to see a review soon.


  7. I hope for flash… Let’s wait and we’ll see :)

  8. Isn’t MMS so…yesterday?? Why not email with an attachment? And I thought I wanted SMS forwarding too, but if it is to be used to forward jokes…..

    • speak for yourself.
      MMS is still very popular outside the US.

    • no it´s not ;) it´s unpopular and a few people still use mms but it´s not many and i personally say: use email and if your phone dont have it get an iphone :p

    • shoo’s right
      i live in poland and here is more people with mobile phones (with mms support) then with email acounts.

    • I live in the US and all my friends are on Verizon while I have my iPhone. How am I supposed to email them instead of using MMS if they can’t view email on their phone?

      I think it’s totally ridiculous that I currently have to send them an email via to send them a picture message. Why does a $300 phone not have picture messaging?? I can go buy a $5 phone and most likely it will have it.

    • emailing is a lot more featured than mms, and most modern day phones get recieve and send emails from their sms or mms app. u might have to use the trick but thats pretty easy if u store that email. I send pictures to like 2 people total, Ive saved their numbers and its not a hassle.

  9. Maybe 3.0 match a feature of a phone I owned over 7 years ago. A missed call reminder. Whether it’s a sound or a screen blinks I don’t care. The phone could be sitting right in front of me and I wouldn’t know there’s a missed call unless I check. Lame. Thank God for jailbreaking.

  10. Hey can you tell me also if the ipod touch 1g or 2g will be also updated to 3.0 firmware?

    • nobody knows, but it probably will, at least in some way

    • That is what I found so peculiar about this update, I couldn’t find anything saying the iTouch would get an update, which makes me thing this is going to provide only/mostly iPhone functions, and will probably be followed by an iTouch update a few days later with the minor updates.

      For just the iPhone I hope/expect:
      – MMS (obviously you would have to alter the contract/buy something for this)
      – Improved Edge/3g consistency (I’ll be fine on the internet and a minute later, in the same spot, I’ll be unable to connect for minutes until I respring my phone)
      For both the iTouch and iPhone I hope/expect:
      – Either Push or Copy and Paste. I think shooting for one of the two to be released is reasonable, especially because Apple is both overdue, and needs a boost to stay on top right now
      – Upgrades for Safari (Like some of the other browser equivalents so that people stick with safari)

      Long Shots:
      – Video Recording (Cydia’s are so much hassle to transfer a video to the computer, hopefully Apple has came up with an easier way to transfer and a smoother recording process; This will also give Apple a chance to cut out a lot of Cydia users, if I could record video another way, I don’t know if I will still jailbreak on 3.0).
      – Added Basic Still Camera Functions (Zoom, Negative, Timer), This would keep people using their App rather than App Store ones

    • I forgot one feature that I would use: Shake to Shuffle.

      There are other ones that I seem more farfetched and unlikely, and these are what I think are going to be chosen from (these are not what I want in particular: I wouldn’t use Copy/Paste that often, but would use text forwarding (which I also forgot to mention). I don’t think Safari needs any major updates, excusing easier to access Bookmarks and the ability to have a Home Page. Any other feature they add for Safari would be useless for me (I have heard a lot of tethering now, which I would 100% love, except for the fact that that will require battery-help like no other). I wouldn’t use Negative for pictures frequently but I know people who would. Apple hopefully with either a) release this on Tuesday, or b) couple this with a new iPhone to be released in May-July. For customers who bought the iPhone 3g last year, does anyone know what fee I’ll have to pay to upgrade to a new generation (I think it’d be an ATT Policy so it should be out there somewhere)?

  11. i’m still on 2.1 firmware, was planning on the updating it today but just came across this, perhaps i should wait till they relese this and update at once, thanks for posting

  12. hey bluetooth app transfert is out!!!! check ibluetooth

  13. mms is in most of the phones currently sold in the world, but not so many use this function in their phone! email is starting to become more popular and as soon as more people buy phones with mail mms functionality is not necesary! so please stop asking for mms, and if you want it you can get it in appstore! (i think it´s named isend mms)

    • If so many people don’t use the MMS feature in phones then why are there more request for this feature on the iPhone than any other besides copy and paste? When you ready the articles about a new firmware the first thing that is mentioned is copy and paste or MMS. This just isn’t articles on little blog sites but big websites like One of CNET’s biggest complaints for the iPhone is MMS. Why? Cause its a basic function that a lot of people like even if other people don’t use it. Its a lot more popular than being able to take a screen shot of the Springboard.

  14. I doubt we will get anything we really want. I’m guessing it will just be way more secure and make it VERY difficult to JB. Getting useful “make my life easier” functions will not happen.. I could be wrong, always a first time for everything…

  15. Does anybody remember last July that Steve talked about the push service for the iPhone? He said it would be out in September! I don’t really see it at this point. Where did it go and what happened?

  16. Yes, I agree we all need MMS and video conference calls as well as cut and paste… but where is my 32 GB iphone???? (did I mention I wanted a 5 MP camera with a flash?)

  17. Look!!!!!!

  18. There won’t be a third iphone, it’s too early. Don’t get your hopes up

    • i reckon there will be a new iphone in july, will keep with apples annual updating of a product, and apparently, in the UK, o2 are going to be reducing the price of the iphone from may, just like last year, most likely gearing up for a new one in july.