FontSwap Update – Works on Firmware 3.0 *Updated

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

FontSwap FontSwap has been updated to version 1.4 and it now works on firmware 3.0. When I tested it, I was able to change the Dialer/Calculator, LockClock, Note and System fonts and then change them back to the default font (using the app) with no problem. [Read more…]

AT&T Wi-Fi Supports Auto-Authentication on New iPhone OS 3.0

AT&TThe new 3.0 firmware now supports auto-authentication. Just sign in once to an AT&T wifi hotspot and you will then seamlessly jump from AT&T cell towers to AT&T wifi. Awesome! Here’s the info from AT&T:

Seth explains that AT&T will support auto-authentication for iPhone OS 3.0 users connecting to AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spots. Auto-authentication allows iPhone users to seamlessly switch from AT&Ts 3G network to an AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spot without being prompted. For more information, visit

Firmware 3.0 Now Available for Download

AppleApple has released the 3.0 firmware. Connect your iPhone or iPod Touch to iTunes and click update. We will have the direct download for you when we have them. The jailbreak should be released within a few hours. Unlock on Friday.

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Firmware 3.0 Preview: App Store

appstoreThe App Store has had some minor changes with firmware 3.0 but the best one, I think, is the way screenshots are displayed. All you have to do is scroll down to the screenshots section and then just flick sideways to see more screenshots. Also, there is an additional option at the bottom of the app, the More tab. This is because another options screen has been added called Redeem. This used to be only in the iTunes app but now is in both. This way you can redeem promo codes for apps right in the App Store.

With the More tab, you can also tap edit in the top right and rearrange your tabs. If you have the Updates option under the More tab, it still shows a red numbered badge when you have updates. [Read more…]

Firmware 3.0 Preview: Copy & Paste

AppleOne of the longest awaited features of the iPhone is copy and paste. It works really well but does not work in all apps as claimed by Apple in the most recent announcement at the WWDC 2009 Keynote. Just hold down your finger to get the magnifying glass and place the cursor where you want to copy. When you let go you’ll get the option to Select, Select All, and Paste. It’s really easy to highlight what you want to copy, just drag the beginning and end points around until the text you want is selected. And, if you want more text selected, like from a web page, just drag up or down until the highlighted area turns into a box. Then drag the whole box around what you want highlighted.

A very nice feature is the clipboard holds rich text and pictures. Depending on where you are pasting it, you can paste font color, size, pictures, etc. that is pulled from email or a website. There are many webpages that I’m not able to copy from and they are usually the ones specifically formatted for an iPhone. Not sure why this is but the copy feature doesn’t even show up. [Read more…]

Firmware 3.0 – New Features

Firmware 3.0 I know that the 3.0 firmware is not new news, we heard all about it in March, but there were a few new features that were mentioned today.

Note: Not to be confused with the features that are exclusive to the iPhone 3G S itself and not the 3.0 firmware, you can check out the list of features for the iPhone 3G S HERE.

The 3.0 firmware will be released June 17th and will be free for all iPhone users. The upgrade will cost $9.95 for iPod Touch users. [Read more…]

Jailbreak Firmware 3.0 Beta 5

QuickPWNI’m really hoping that the new firmware is released in just a few days at the WWDC event. Until then, I’m going to jailbreak my iPhone again. I’m currently on the newest firmware, 3.0 Beta 5. QuickPWN is able to jailbreak it so, here we go: [Read more…]

Firmware 3.0 Preview: Maps

MapsSo far, there are no changes to the Maps application for the iPhone. There are some other features that include maps that are new to the 3.0 Firmware though. First, developers can now integrate Google Maps into their application. This is part of the new developer APIs in the 3.0 Software Developer Kit. This should help with some sweet weather or real estate apps.

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Firmware 3.0 Preview: Stocks

StocksFirst, the Stocks application gets a new icon. It’s not a total redesign, but they did take off the labels at the bottom of the graph in the icon. Also, the design of the line on the graph has more of a sharp line than curvy. Most of the app is still the same but there are some valuable new features. When tapping on the stock’s units on the right, in green or red, you now get a third option. Not only do you get the percentage and price change, but you get the Mkt Cap. Best of all, there’s a nice new landscape view. It’s a big, full screen graph like the small one in portrait view. Overall, a great update to a simple app from Apple. [Read more…]

Firmware 3.0 Preview: YouTube

YouTubeA lot of people have been having trouble getting YouTube to work during the Beta process of the iPhone 3.0 firmware. With the 3rd beta, most have claimed it works again. Now that it does, we can show you what’s new so far. First, when seeing the details of a video, the info isn’t displayed right under the video thumbnail any more. You must tap the blue arrow which will bring you to a screen with two options, Info or More Videos. These tabs have a lot more features than before like rating, commenting and flagging videos. You can also see all the other comments on the video which you couldn’t do before. The More Video tab shows you more videos by the same user and the option to subscribe to that users videos. [Read more…]

Firmware 3.0 Battery Percentage in Status Bar, Data Detectors, Safari

AppleWhen I upgraded to the 3.0 firmware I thought that it was pretty kewl that a few features from jailbreaking where still in place. My carrier was still set to “Ahhyeah” and my battery percentage was still in the status bar. This usually happens with any jailbreak followed by a firmware upgrade. I set both features when jailbroke; my carrier logo with MakeItMine and the battery percentage with Supreme Preferences.

This is all kewl but what caught my attention was the battery percentage looked different. I used to be able to tap on my battery and it would switch to numbers, just numbers. Now it’s to the left of the battery and there all the time. It also has a percent sign(%) next to it and when it drops to 20% or lower, the text turns red. I thought maybe this was a developer feature when beta testing firmware but I had never heard of it before and wasn’t hearing anyone else talk about it with current firmware. [Read more…]

Firmware 3.0 Beta 3 Released To Developers

AppleApple has recently released firmware 3.0 Beta 3, build 7A280f, to developers. Along with the firmware there are also updates to the SDK. Changes include performance improvements, user interface updates and alterations to Spotlight search. How does this affect you? Well one big issues with Beta 3 is it will not run apps that aren’t made for 3.0. This means none of your apps would work but the ones you’ve developed for 3.0 yourself. (as of writing this article, beta 3 is not jailbroken either.)

UPDATE: The note below is for the emulator in the SDK, not for the firmware on the iPhone. (Thanks to Tetanus in the comments for this info)

“Applications targeting devices prior to iPhone OS 3.0 beta cannot be tested in this seed, this bug is intended to be fixed in a future seed.”

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Firmware 3.0 Preview: Camera

CameraI really, really wish Apple would have fixed one thing with the Camera app. Make the whole screen the button to take the picture. Then, when you’re taking a self portrait, you don’t have to find the button. The new features are all pretty small compared to other firmware 3.0 features but nice improvements. Instead of the blue box in the bottom left corner, which takes you to the camera roll, there is now a preview of the last picture you took. Tapping on it still takes you to the camera roll. Also, when in the camera roll, instead of tapping on the little camera icon to get back to the camera, you now tap “done”. [Read more…]

Firmware 3.0 Preview: Photos

PhotosThe Photos application’s new features mainly have to do with the way photos are shared. You can now of course send photos via MMS. Just select the photo you want and tap the little arrow in the bottom right and it gives you the option to send via MMS. Another great added feature is the option to send more than one photo via MMS or email. To do this go to one of your albums and tap the arrow again in the bottom left corner. This now gives you three options at the bottom. Share, copy, and delete. If you tap share you get the option to send via email or MMS. You can also open your email and paste the photos into an existing email, draft, reply or new email. [Read more…]

Firmware 3.0 Preview: Calendar

calendarThe Calendar application for firmware 3.0 didn’t have a lot of changes but there are some pretty important ones. Starting with the ability to add Invitees to your event. Just tap it and it lets you pick from your contact list. Next is Availability. This shows if you are busy, free, tentative or out of office. These two little feature make Calendar a little nicer, but there’s one more. A pretty big feature is the ability to search. At the top of “list view” there is a search box. Just start typing and it will show you results. This is all very useful to those of you using your iPhone for business. Overall the app stayed pretty much the same with some new features. Let me know in the comments what else you think the Calendar App should have as features.